Zoomin App Review : Is this Best App for Photo Album

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Zoomin App is an app where you can create your photo album. If you have a good photo collection in your phone, then you can create an album of those photos and send them at home through Zoomin App.

Zoomin App allows you to create photo albums in various qualities and sizes. If you want to know what kind of Zoomin App is and whether you should take its service, then here I am going to do a full review of this app, so let’s start.

What is Zoomin App?

Zoomin is a photo album creation app. Here you can order photo album as per your wish. If you have many photos in your phone with which you have memories, then you can make an album of those photos and get them ordered at home.

To create a photo album, you have to download this app, then select the photos for which you want to create an album and customize it as per your wish. When your photo album is ready, you can order it. Zoomin will prepare a photo album as per your wish and deliver it to your home.

On Zoomin App you can order Photobooks, Prints Frames, Calendars, Kids, Decor Gifts and Card Stock Prints etc. In this you can keep the size of your photobook as per your wish.

It has photo albums in sizes like 5.5×5.5 inch, 8×8 inch, 8×10 inch. You can make photoalbum of 20, 32, 40 pages.

You can also order the photo book as a gift on someone’s birthday or wedding.

Zoomin App Review

Zoomin App has got a rating of 4.3 on Play Store and 10 lakh people have downloaded this app.

Photo book

Many categories have been given for Photobook in Zoomin App. If you want a photo book for celebrations, then you can get your photo book made on a similar theme.

Similarly, many themes are given in it like Family & Kids, Friendship & love, Travel & Nature, Colors etc. You can make your photobook on all these themes.

In this, options of both simple and designer themes are given. They charge Rs 29 extra for designer themes. Here you can see the Designer Photobook made on Friendship & love theme.

In the photo you can see the cover page of the photobook and the photos inside it. When you put your photo on this theme, your photobook will also look like this.

You can customize the photobook as per your requirement and can place whatever photo you want on the page. If you want to have designer diamonds, you can also avail the facility of that, although you may have to pay a separate charge for this.

Material – For photoalbum, it has been provided with high quality paper like Mette, non-Tearable Glossy.

Price – The price of photobook on Zooming App is reasonable but there are some products like Photo Frame, Calendars, whose price is quite high.

How to make photobook on Zoomin App?

To create a photobook on this app, you have to click on your favorite photobook. To show you here, I have chosen Hardcover Photobook Album which is priced at Rs 405.

After this you have to select the size of the photobook, number of pages and paper quality. After this you have to click on Create Now.

After this you have to choose the category and then select the theme on which you want to make a photo book. I choose simple design here.

After this, click on Create Now and select 21 photos from the phone gallery and upload them. After all the photos are uploaded, your photoalbum will be ready. If you want, you can customize the photobook as per your wish.

After the photobook is made, you can order it by making payment. Photobook Album will be delivered to your home.

Conclusion – If you want a photobook album for a normal home, then Zoomin App is a great app for you, but if you want a very big and high quality photo album for a big function or wedding, then Zoomin App will not be useful for you.

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