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Winzo App Download ? Winzo App is a great gaming app. There are 100 million active users of this app. This app has earned a lot of name in the gaming industry. Advertisement of this app is done by Dhoni himself.

Let me tell you that the latest version of this gaming app has come, in which many amazing features have been given. You can do it in Latest Winzo App Download Free.

Downloading the Winzo App is quite easy. You can download the latest version of Winzo App by clicking on the link given below.

Steps To Download Winzo app

Downloading Winzo App is very easy.

  • Step 1 – First click on the link – Click Here
  • Step 2 – A Winzo’s website will open as soon as you click on the link
  • Step 3 – After that click on Download & Get 550
Winzo App Download Free
  • Step 4 – Now Winzo App will be downloaded in your phone.

Now after downloading the App, go to the Download folder in the phone and install the App.

More Information

App NameWinzo
DownloadClick Here
Signup Bonus50Rs.
KYC CompleteYes
Active User10 Crore
Size110.05 MB
WebsiteClick Here

About Winzo App

Winzo App Download Free

Winzo is the best gaming platform where there are more than 100 mobile games available which you can play easily. Winzo App is also known as Winzo Gold.

It is the most successful gaming app ever. In this, options have also been given to earn money by playing games. You can play games in it. You can participate in the tournament.

In this app you can play quizzes, get discount diamonds for free fire game, earn money by referring others and also get discount coupons on shopping.

It is very easy to withdraw the money earned by playing games in Winzo App. The minimum amount to withdraw money is Rs.30, that is, if you earn Rs.30 by playing games, you can transfer that money to the bank.

To withdraw money in Winzo App, options like UPI, Paytm and Bank Transfer have been given. Winzo App supports 12 different languages of the country. When you create an account in it, the option to choose the language will appear.

Winzo Games List :

Strategy Games

  1. Bricky Blitz
  2. 2048 Balls
  3. Connect 4
  4. Bingo
  5. Sheep Battle
  6. Chess

Card Games

  1. Freecell
  2. Mindi
  3. Solitaire
  4. Court Piece
  5. BlackJack Blitz
  6. 29 Card Game
  7. Winzo Poker
  8. Call Break
  9. Winzo Rummy

E – Sports Game

  1. Stuble Guys
  2. Free Fire Max


  1. Fingers
  2. Bubble Shooter 2
  3. Snake Rush
  4. Angry Monsters


  1. Metro Surfer
  2. Mr. Racer
  3. Mine Runner


  1. Match 3D
  2. Fruit Samurai
  3. Candy Match
  4. Fruit Fighter
  5. Crowd City
  6. Knife Up
  7. Dune

Cricket Gaems

  1. Cricket
  2. World Cricket Championship
  3. Fantasy War


  1. Stump IT
  2. Pool 3D
  3. Tennis Toons
  4. Winzo Archery
  5. World of Tennis
  6. Basket Ball
  7. Cricket

Board Games

  1. Carrom
  2. Checkers
  3. Speed Tambola
  4. Winzo Ludo
  5. Freestyle Carrom
  6. Chess
  7. Snakes & Ladders


  1. Space Hunter
  2. Street Fight
  3. Plane Vs Missile
  4. Man Vs Missile
  5. Guns And Bottles

How to Earn Money in Winzo App?

How to earn money by playing games in Winzo App is very easy. When you download and open the Winzo app, you will see 3 ways to earn money by playing games.

  • playing Fantasy Games
  • Playing Ludo Contests
  • Playing Cricket Trading
  • By playing World War Tournaments
  • E Sports Tournaments (Stumble Guys Free Fire Max)
  • By playing Daily PuZzles
  • Refer and Earn

1.Winzo App World War

Winzo App Download Free

There are many contests of different games daily in Winzo App War. To participate in any contest, some amount has to be deposited which is 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 rupees.

If you bet Rs 2, you will get Rs 4 if your team wins. Similarly, you will get 9 rupees for 5 rupees, 18 rupees for 10 rupees if the team wins.

There are also free contests in World War, in which you can earn real money by participating for free. Free contest remains at the top of the list on which you can participate by clicking on it.

2.E-Sports Tournaments

Winzo App has tournaments of E-Sports Game like Stubble Guys and Free Fire Max. If you are a pro player in these games, then you can earn good money by participating in E-Sports Tournaments.

Winzo App Refer and Earn

  • Per Refer – 40 to 60 rupees In Your Bank Account

In Winzo App you can earn 40 to 60 rupees Per Refer. When you refer winzo app to someone and he downloads and installs this app from your link, you will get 40 to 60 rupees.

In this initially you get 40 rupees for referring, after that gradually the rupees start increasing and then you start getting 60 rupees also.

Winzo App benefits

  • Over 100 games offered
  • Get Rs 50 in sign up bonus
  • You can play Stumble Guys and Free Fire Max Tournament.
  • You can earn money by playing Ludo Contests
  • You can earn money by playing Fantasy Cricket and Football.
  • You can earn money from Cricket Player Trading.
  • You can buy Diamonds at a discount in Free Fire Max
  • You get 50 rupees on each refer.
  • Instant Bank Transfer

Winzo App Money Withdrawal

In Winzo App, you can withdraw the money earned from the game when it is 3 rupees, while you can withdraw the money earned from the refer when it is 30 rupees. You can withdraw money through UPI, Bank, Paytm.

Is Winzo app is real or fake ?

Actually Winzo app is a real app and it really gives money. This is a real Indian company, the founder and CEO of this company is Paavan Nanda, he completed his engineering studies in 2019 from NSIT.

Last word – Hope you have understood all the things about Winzo app very well and you must have understood how to download Winzo App Free ?

is winzo app real ?

Yes, This is A real App

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