why bgmi is not working ? People who have downloaded BGMI after hearing the news of BGMI’s return must be facing server problems in BGMI. When someone is opening BGMI, then server problem is being told in it.

As you all must have come to know that BGMI is going to be re-launched soon in India. Although it has not yet been launched on the Play Store, nor will you see it on the Play Store.

But if you go to its website and click on AOS Download, then it redirects you to the Play Store from where you can download it.

Talk about why server problem is coming in BGMI, so my brother, BGMI has not been launched properly in India, so the BGMI you are using in your phone now is its old version. Until BGMI is officially launched in India, you will not be able to play it without a VPN.

When Will BGMI server be online

BGMI server will be correct only after BGMI is officially launched, that is, when you search on Play Store and BGMI App starts appearing in front of you, then you will be able to play it without any VPN.

At present, BGMI has not yet come on the Play Store, nor has it been launched properly in India, due to which you will still see the problem of BGMI server. You can use VPN to get rid of the problem of BGMI server.

BGMI’s official page on Twitter tweeted “Your most loved game is now available to preload from today 27th May onwards. Please note, The game will be playable, however, from 29th May onwards.”

It is clearly stated here that you will be able to play the game only after 29th May when it will be fully launched. If you want to download this game, then you can go to https://www.bgmiapk.site/ and download its APK file.

BGMI Official Website Down

The official website of BGMI is also down. If you go to its website, it is also down and “This page isn’t working” is written in it.

Crashing of the website and non-opening of the BGMI server may indicate that BGMI has been overloaded at the same time due to which all its servers have been down.

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