What are Nitwits in Minecraft?

Nitwits are a different variant of villagers in Minecraft. Usually, when players enter a village

They will see loads of villagers roaming around in different outfits.

Some of them are considered to be quite important as they give the most valuable items.

Nitwits, however, are the exact opposite when it comes to efficacy. As the name implies,

They are one of the dullest villagers in the game.

They have slightly different routines, behaviors, and even appearances.

Though players will hardly interact with them, it is fascinating to learn about these Nitwit villagers.

Nitwits have a fascinating story of how they were added to Minecraft. At first, Mojang only added regular villagers.

Though it was a bug, the developers thought of making it into a new villager variant.

At first, they were called 'villager idiots', since they were unable to take up any profession.

Nitwits have a slightly different routine than other normal villagers in Minecraft.

Firstly, they wake up late and sleep late as well.

Secondly, they mostly wander around the village doing nothing while others work at their jobsite blocks.

Nitwits will enter 'willing' mode and find another willing villager to breed.