in Minecraft, enchantments are powerups that enhance the gears used by players on a daily basis

When they first start their journey in the game, they will soon need enchantments.

These powerups can be applied to any gear via enchanting tables and enchanted books

Out of the total list present in the game, these are some that are much better than the others.

5 Minecraft enchantments that are too important to skip in 2022

1) Mending

When it comes to treasure enchantments, Mending is considered one of the best

It cannot be obtained through an enchanting table; hence, players must find a librarian villager or loot chests to get an enchanted book.

 When the hostile mobs will become stronger and won't die even after several hits. This is where the Sharpness enchantment comes into play.

2) Sharpness


and the lessons learned can then be put into builds such as large As the name suggests, it increases the overall attack damage of the melee weapon and makes it more powerful.


Obtaining arrows can be slightly tricky  to fight most mobs. hence, players must always have the Infinity enchantment on their bows.

3) Infinity


This powerup allows them to shoot infinite arrows without reducing the ammunition present in their inventory.


Defense is as important as offense; hence, players must always enchant their armor with the best powerups

4) Protection


Apart from many variants of defensive enchantments, the basic Protection is the best

Simply put, it increases the overall strength of the armor and prevents players from losing too many hearts after getting hit.


This is a brand new enchantment and it can be quite helpful for players

5) Swift Sneak


 Since the release of the 1.19 update, the new Deep Dark biome has become one of the scariest places in the Overworld, simply because of the Warden.