Minecraft 1.19 is bustling with various kinds of mobs. These are A.I. entities that spawn in different parts of the game world.

Each one has a unique relationship with the world in which they spawn.

They also interact with players, most of whom are hostile since Minecraft 1.19 is a survival game.

Minecraft's tiniest mobs have their unique uses

5) Endermite (0.4 block hitbox) - Endermite is a unique creature that spawns (rarely) in a world from a thrown ender pearl.

4. Tadpole (0.4 block hitbox) - Tadpoles are new mobs released in June 2022 as part of The Wild Update. Though they are baby frogs, they have a completely different

3. Pufferfish (0.35 block hitbox) - Pufferfish is a passive but defensive mob in Minecraft 1.19 that commonly spawns in warm oceans.

2. Baby rabbit (0.25 block hitbox) - Rabbits can be bred to create more. These shy passive mobs can multiply after being fed carrots.

1. Baby turtle (0.095 block hitbox) - Baby turtles are by far the smallest creatures in the game. They are so small that it can be hard to look at them with standard FOV.