5 best Minecraft structures for Diamonds in 2022

These are rare earth minerals that can be used to craft some of the strongest tools, weapons and armor

Finding Diamonds is quite hard as players need to mine deep underground for hours to get even a handful of them

 However, there are several unique structures scattered all around the world where players can find them as well.

Minecraft structures for Top 5 Minecraft structures to find diamonds (2022)

These structures can be found by exploring a buried treasure map found in shipwreck chests

1) Buried Treasure Chest

There is about 60% chance of diamonds generating on these buried treasure chests.

End Cities are some of the last structures players get to explore since they are only accessible after they defeat the Ender Dragon

2) End City

players will find chests with some of the best loot in the game. There is a 21.2% chance of two to seven diamonds generating in these chests

As the name suggests, this is another structure that generates in the Nether realm.

3) Nether Fortress

There is a 19% chance of at least one to three diamonds generating in a Nether Fortress chest.

As players explore the hellish realm known as the Nether, they will soon find a dark-colored structure called Bastion Remnants.

4) Bastion Remnants

Bastion Remnants have a 15.8% chance of having two to six diamonds in their treasure chest.

Shipwrecks are some of the most common structures that players can find if they explore the ocean biomes for a while

5) Shipwrecks

These structures have a 14.1% chance of generating a diamond in one of the chests