Minecraft is a unique game.

In Minecraft Game, One of the most interesting areas players can experiment with is the game’s console. 

There is a large selection of console commands that players can take advantage of, do things like give custom enchantments, edit the game’s rules, and change the weather.

Helpful Minecraft console commands to remember

The time command allows players to manually change the in-game time.

5) /time

There are two different versions of the command, one that offers convenience and the other offering fine control.


/time set <day, night, noon, midnight>

/time set <time>


This is a very simple command that players can use to switch between the game’s game modes. This command is the /gamemode command.

4) /gamemode

The syntax for this command is: /gamemode <creative, survival, spectator, adventure>


Players can set different weather conditions with this command: a regular rainstorm, a raging thunderstorm, or a clear sky.

3) /weather

The syntax for this command is: /weather <clear, rain, or thunder>


The /gamerule command allows players to change and edit their world’s toggleable commands

2) /gamerule

To turn phantom spawning off/gamerule doInsomnia false


To turn on keep inventory: /gamerule keepInventory true

2) /gamerule

Turn off day-night cycle: /gamerule doDaylightCycle fals


The /locate command allows players to search their world for the nearest of any biome, structure, or point of interest (PoI).

1) /locate

The syntax of the command is: /locate <structure, biome, or poi> <name of the thing to search for>