Minecraft is an incredible outlet for creativity. Players can use creative mode to access unlimited resources to experiment

with different building styles and block pallets or to see if they are up to the task of a large-scale build or megabase.

Or users can attempt to do all of this in survival mode, using only what they can legitimately collect for the bragging rights of it.

However, for those just starting, the third building style of Minecraft can be intimidating and hard to learn

Five easy builds for new Minecraft gamers in 1.19

5) Flag

Minecraft banners have added lots of potential for players to create custom flags to cover their base or future castle builds

For users wanting to take their flag creation game to the next level, creating a truly custom flag out of wool is the way to go

a basic bridge can help elevate a world, which is a perfect starting point for gamers wanting to experiment with arches and curves, 

4) Simple bridge


and the lessons learned can then be put into builds such as large castles.


One of the most important areas of Minecraft for players who enjoy exploring is the Nether.

3) Nether hub


They can use it to travel incredible distances in almost no time because the game's mechanics says that a single block traveled in the Nether is eight overworld blocks.


One of the most critical features of the game that players have access to is the villager trading system

2) Villager trading hall


Clever use of villager trading can provide them unlimited access to emeralds, diamonds, food, and the most potent enchanted books in the game, including mending


A strange feature within Minecraft that has little practical use is the ability for gamers to scoop fish up into buckets and travel with them. 

1) Aquarium


While they can take axolotls to use as allies in fights, none of the other fish are beneficial to move in this manner outside of pufferfish-based traps.


However, players can use these fish in their base in a few ways, the most obvious being a fish tank or a larger-scale aquarium.