5 best tower blueprints for building in Minecraft

If Minecraft players want to build a structure that stands out among the crowd, a tower is one great choice.

These high-reaching creations will surely stand out as they breach the clouds above.

They also come in plenty of different designs.

Many of these blueprints factor in exactly how many blocks of certain types players will need to complete the build.

Fantasy clock tower and 4 other excellent tower blueprints for Minecraft builders

1) Fish Tank Tower - In most senses, this is a standard tower, but its composition includes 

 glass walls in the center filled with water and plenty of aquatic wildlife.

2) Fantasy Clock Tower - it looks spectacular and has plenty of room for one's survival needs.

3) Lighthouse - this lighthouse can truly come alive and beam out into the sky to serve its primary function.

4) Mage Tower - This mage tower looks like the inviting home of a wicked sorcerer or an inhabitant of the Nether.

5) Farm Tower - a terrace-based design to place farmland and crops within its confines.

There are also a massive number of chests at the base of the tower to collect the crops after they've grown.