While Minecraft may appear simple on the surface, it can be quite a difficult game to run.

Additionally, the game can be quite processor-intensive, causing issues for players trying to multitask.

There are many different mods available that can help the game run better.

Some of these mods can redo the lighting engine entirely and optimize how the game uses both the CPU and RAM.

Detailed below are texture packs that aim to reduce the hardware demands of Minecraft to further help the game’s frame rates.

MS Painted is one of the most simplistic texture packs out there. Its design is based on the MS Paint program.

1) MS Painted

Easy Blocks is a very basic 16x16 texture pack. This means that the textures are technically the same fidelity as the vanilla textures of Minecraft

2) Easy Blocks


Tiny Pixels is another 16x16 texture pack, though it does not strive to look like vanilla Minecraft.

3) Tiny Pixels


Paper Cut Out is an interesting texture pack. It does not remove all of the 3D effects from blocks.

4) Paper Cut Out


F8thful is an eight-by-eight texture pack. While the other low-fidelity texture packs featured on this list reduce the graphics of the game with the aim of being less resource-intensive, this one takes a different approach.

5) F8thful