An ender pearl is an extremely useful item in Minecraft 1.19. It is quite uncommon and 

can be obtained by killing Enderman, trading with Cleric Villager, or by bartering with Piglins

When they have an ender pearl in their hands, they can right-click on the mouse to essentially throw it in whichever direction they want.

Top 5 circumstances where ender pearls are helpful in Minecraft 1.19

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1) Avoiding fall damage

While traversing through irregular terrain with high vertical drops, players can be prone to a lot of fall damage.

players can also save themselves by acting quickly and throwing an ender pearl to teleport away before hitting the ground. 

 Stasis pearl is a method of delaying teleportation and safely returning to a location where players were previously present. 

2) Using as a stasis pearl


Players can throw pearls in a vertical water column with soul sand below it.


Players have come up with several ways to travel in the hellish realm that is filled with lava and irregular terrain.

3) Traveling in the Nether


One of the fastest ways to travel is via ender pearl teleportation.


Ender pearls are one of the most important items to bring for a fight against the Ender Dragon.

4) Fighting Ender Dragon


During the final fight, players will need to demolish all the end crystals from the obsidian towers and fight the dragon up close.


With the new update, the Warden has become the most feared mob of all time

5) Escaping angry Wardenx


When players are in the Deep Dark, the beast will spawn if players make too much noise. Once the mob detects them, it will frantically chase and attack them.