Detailed are five amazing seeds for players who enjoy Minecraft’s desert biomes. 

These seeds focus on giving players quick access to at least one desert temple.

Huge Desert Spawn and 4 other amazing Minecraft 1.19 seeds for desert temples

The seed is: 4441611614548701499

1) Jungle Spawn

This Minecraft seed spawns players in a small mixture of jungle, sparse jungle, and bamboo jungle. These jungles border a small inland sea.

The seed is: 4402265434053960522

2) Desert, Badlands, and Wooded Badlands Spawn

This seed spawns Minecraft players on a small beach surrounding the inlet of a small ocean.

The seed is: 3621444538434659538

3) Huge Desert Spawn


This Minecraft seed spawns players on the outer edge of a large mixture of deserts, badlands, eroded badlands, and wooded badlands.


The seed is: 1867769135029407160

4) One Massive Desert


This seed will spawn Minecraft players on small stretch of thin land connecting two larger continents. To the east and west, players will find large stretches of ocean


The seed is: -8578110037635533736

5) Ten Thousand Block Desert Spawn


This seed spawns Minecraft players in one of the largest deserts possible. It is a massive combination of desert, wooded badlands, eroded badlands, and regular badlands

5 best Minecraft 1.19.2 seeds for biomes