When Minecraft players spawn into a new world, it's generally in one of the few biomes. Plains, taiga forests, deserts

and even mountain biomes are the most common ones, but they're far from the best. 

There are so many unique biomes and subbiomes in Minecraft, aided by the addition of two new ones in the 1.19 update.

The best way to find anything specifically is to use a seed that generates it.

5 Minecraft biome seeds that players have to try

5) Seed: 4009

This Minecraft seed puts gamers in a flower forest right off the bat. It is not the rarest biome, but it is pretty uncommon.

A deep-dark biome, currently one of the most sought-after biomes, can be found at 77,-42,-40, and an Ancient City is not very far. It is located at 112,-35,-176.

Mangrove Swamps are the newest above-ground biome in the game. They don't have their own structures,

4) Seed: 1450778142214593647


but this seed alleviates the lack of structures found there to an extent. 


Mineshafts and Ancient Cities are also great underground structures, but are incredibly rare. Fortunately,

3) Seed: 2837031034737048010


At -999, -39, 28, an Ancient City has a dripstone cave by it and a mineshaft close by for a great looting experience.


Mushroom Fields are the rarest biome in Minecraft. Finding one is very rare, which is why a seed that has it close by is shared around a lot

2) Seed: -4474036629155014047


The only reason this isn't the top seed is because the Mushroom Fields biome is usually smaller than the others and doesn't have any actual trees. It can be hard to live there.


The Badlands is one of the rarest and most beautiful Minecraft biomes. Like the desert, it's not great to live in, but it is tremendous to look at.

1) Seed: 6306808076142139007


This seed has a Badlands to the right of spawn on the map, and it's pretty sizeable.  There are a couple of villages, one of which has a Pillager Outpost right beside it, and a desert temple all within shouting distance.