Minecraft's vast world is filled with many different bodies of water

In fact, oceans, rivers, lakes, and others generally cover more than half of the game's map.

Ocean biomes are one of the best regions to explore as players get to witness some truly amazing aquatic life in the game.

farms in ocean biomes are quite rare, players can get useful items from certain aquatic mobs like Drowned, Guardians, and even normal fish.

While Minecraft players generally don't need a lot of ink sacs, they can still build a squid farm in the ocean biome if they wish to

4) Squid Farm

Players must first find the biome and create a 9x9 hole down to about Y level 29 with a set of open fence gates at about Y level 45.


3) Fish Farm

Although Minecraft players usually obtain fish by killing them or scooping them up in a bucket,


they can also create an automatic fish farm in the ocean biome.


they can also create an automatic fish farm in the ocean biome.To do this, players will need to find a lukewarm ocean biome since it spawns Pufferfish, Cod, and Tropical Fish.


Guardians are some of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft, spawning in the mysterious Ocean Monument structure

2) Guardian Farm


If players have conquered the Monument by killing all three Elder Guardians, they can easily create a Guardian farm.


Drowned Zombie is another hostile mob in Minecraft that spawns in ocean biomes.

1) Drowned Farm


Though they usually do not drop any item of value, there is a low chance that a killed Drowned Zombie drops the rare trident