Meta has banned Andrew Tate from Facebook and Instagram, where he had over 4 million followers

TikTok also banned Tate, and appeared to ban at least one popular fanpage made for him.


A spokesperson for Meta told that Tate was banned from Facebook and Instagram for violating policies around dangerous organizations and individuals and for violating policies on hate speech.

Tate had over 4 million followers on his Instagram account "Cobratate" before the ban. 

The spokesperson said Tate is not allowed to have a presence on either of the platforms and that the ban is permanent.

A TikTok spokesperson also told that it banned Tate's account, which had over 100,000 followers 


Along with Tate's account, TikTok appeared to ban at least one fanpage made for him, @tate_grindset,


which Insider previously reported had amassed over 130,000 followers.