Review : Water Sort Maple Match Real or fake ? Earn Money ?

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You must have heard about Water Sort Maple Match App. This is a game in which similar colors have to be mixed together. When glasses of the same color are found the level is completed.

In this game, when the level is completed, you get money and that money is added to your wallet. The more levels you complete, the more money you get.

Payment methods like Paypal and Bitcoin are provided to withdraw money. Now the question is whether Water Sort Maple Match is real or fake? Can money really be earned from this?

About Water Sort Maple Match

Water Sort Maple Match is a gaming app. In this, different colors are filled in different glasses. You have to match similar colors. When identical colors are obtained in the same glass, you get points and your level is complete.

Many people believe that the money received in this game is real and we can withdraw that money. Many Youtubers have talked about earning money from this app.

In this app, the facility of Paypal and Bitcoin is also provided to withdraw money, that is why people feel that the money earned can be withdrawn from this app.

Water Sort Maple Match Real or Fake

Water Sort Maple Match is a real app but you cannot withdraw the earned money from this app. The option to earn money has also been removed in the new update.

To withdraw money in this, you should have at least Rs 80,000. When you try to withdraw money from this app, you are asked for Rs 350 in the name of platform fee.

Even if you deposit Rs 350 in it, your money is not transferred to your bank. Here you have to understand that why would a company give you so much money just for playing games?

After all, how is any company profiting from playing the game and from where is it paying so much money? You have to understand this. The reality is that no company will ever give you money for playing this kind of game.

If a company was really making so much profit by playing games, then big rich people would have started this business and would have become rich themselves and would have made you rich too.

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  1. Plz band this type of false game apps… Plz look govt and black listed this type of false game.

  2. This game is a fraud game. I’ve lost some amount. Never trust the advertisement on F.B. Insta etc.

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