Is Vegdex Cryptocurrency Exchange Real or Fake ?

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Vegdex is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform? Is Vegdex a Real Cryptocurrency Platform? Should you invest money in it? Can money be earned from Vegdex?

Vegdex Cryptocurrency Exchange Real or Fake

Vegdex Cryptocurrency Exchange is becoming increasingly popular among people these days, but the question is whether this Cryptocurrency platform is real or fake?

Vegdex may be a fake Cryptocurrency Exchange. There are many reasons for it being fake. Let us know those reasons

1. Trading Platform – The biggest reason for Vegdex being fake is its being a Cryptocurrency Exchange. Yes, nowadays Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Vegdex are launched every day.

Earlier also in my post, I have given information about many Cryptocurrency Exchanges like skyxcoin,, Valhadex etc. All these platforms were fake Cryptocurrency Exchange, hence this proves that Vegdex can also be a Fake Cryptocurrency Exchange.

2. Domain Age – This domain is only one month old and you should not trust the new company. Most of the new companies are fake and soon run away after looting people’s money.

3. Government Registered – This company is not Government Registered, hence it could be a fake company. You should also not invest money in a company which is not Government Registered.

4. About Us – No information is available about Vegdex. When you click on its About Us page, you do not get any such information which can prove that this can be a real platform.

5. Company CEO & Founder – There is no information available about the CEO & Founder of this company, neither is any app available on the Play Store nor does it have an account on social media.

This clearly shows that this company is not at all interested in running the business and this proves that it could be a fake company.

Conclusion – All these reasons prove that this company can be a fake company and you should not invest any money in this company. No one can earn money from this website. If someone says that he is earning money from this then he is a complete liar and he is making fake videos.

If you really want to earn money by investing in Government Registered Cryptocurrency Exchange then you can open an account in Wazir X. I have given its link below.

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