TradeX Referral Code 2023 : gkcmu3, Get ₹10 to Trade Free

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These days TradeX Opinion Trading App is becoming very popular to earn money. To earn money from this app, you have to give your opinion, if your opinion turns out to be correct and you win money. If you are going to create account in this app then you can get ₹10 sign up bonus by using TradeX Referral Code : gkcmu3

It is very easy to use TradeX Referral Code, when you create an account in it, you will get a place to enter the referral code, you have to enter the referral code at the right place. In this way you will be able to use TradeX Referral Code

TradeX Referral Code : gkcmu3

App NameTradeX App
CategoryOpinion Trading
Referral Codegkcmu3
DownloadTradeX App Download
Signup Bonus10 Rs
Referral Bonus25% Cashback
Minimum WithdrawalRs.200

What is TradeX App?

TradeX is an Opinion Trading Platform. You can trade on new events by giving opinion on this platform. The concept of this app is similar to the rest of the Opinion Trading Platform.

In this, questions are asked on the basis of future events, you have to answer those questions in Yes or No and have to invest money. If your opinion turns out to be correct then you will win money.

In this app only questions related to sports, media, finance, politics, news, IPL, basketball, country are asked. If you are interested in any of these topics, you can give your opinion in it.

Opinion trading in TradeX is done on the basis of 100 i.e. the value of Yes is Rs.50 and the value of No is Rs.50. On this basis, the value of yes and no keeps on increasing and decreasing. Suppose the value of Yes is 60, then the value of No will be 40.

Due to high trading value in this app, you have to invest more money for trading because if the value of one Yes is 50 then the value of 10 Yes will be 500 rupees. In this way you will have to spend 500 rupees.

TradeX Referral Code 2023

Referral Code in TradeX is a 6 character unique code using which you can get Rs.10 Sign up Bonus in TradeX App. You can also use the Signup Bonus to trade.

Referral Code is used while registering in the App, when you register in TradeX, you will get a place to enter the referral code, you have to enter the referral code at the right place. In this way you will be able to use the referral code

Follow the steps below to create an account in TradeX & Claim bonus

  1. Open the app after downloading it
  2. enter your mobile number
  3. Fill gkcmu3 in Referral
  4. Click on Proceed
  5. Verify mobile number with OTP
  6. accept the terms & conditions
  7. Boom, your account is ready.

How to Use TradeX App?

Trading in TradeX is very easy. When you create and open an account in this app, many questions will appear on the home screen. All these questions have to be answered in Yes and No.

Suppose there is a match between India and Pakistan, then the question will be like this, “India will win the match?” yes50 or no50. If you think that India will win, then you have to put 50 rupees by clicking on Yes.

After this, if India really wins, then you will get 50 more rupees, that means now you will have 100 rupees. And if India loses, you will lose Rs.50.

You can also increase the amount of Yes or No to earn more money in opinion trading. If the cost of one Yes is Rs 50, then the cost of two Yes will be Rs 100. if you bet 100 rupees you will win 100 rupees

In this way, the more money you invest, the more money you will win. In this way you can do trading in TradeX App and earn money.

How to earn more money in TradeX App?

To earn more money in TradeX App, you have to invest money when the value of Yes or No is Rs.50. It is obvious that if you invest Rs.50, you will get Rs.50, whereas if you invest Rs.80, you will get Rs.20.

TradeX App is an opinion trading platform, so here the value of Yes or No keeps on increasing and decreasing. In this, the incidence of value depends on the demand and supply.

Suppose you bought Yes for Rs.50 and after some time the value of Yes increases to Rs.80, then you can exit the trade by selling Yes for Rs.80. In this way you will get a profit of Rs.30.

But if you wait for the result and the result comes in your favor then you will get full Rs 50 but if you feel that the result will not come in your favor then you can exit the trade in between.

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TradeX Refer And Earn

  • Get 25% Cashback on trading fees Paid by Your Friend

The facility of Refer and Earn Program is also provided in TradeX App. In this you can get 25% cashback of your friend’s trading fee on every refer.

In simple words, you will get 25% of the trading fees done by your friend. In this way, if you refer more and more people and they do more and more trading, then you will get more and more money.

TradeX App Withdrawal Charges

  • Minimum Withdrawal – Rs. 200

To withdraw money from TradeX App, 30% TDS Tax of Net Winning will have to be paid. Net Winning = Withdrawal Amount – (Deposit + Previous Balance)

Conclusion – Hope you have understood the given information about TradeX App very well and you must have understood how to use TradeX Referral Code?

If you really want to earn money from Opinion Trading App, then you can use Trago App, it is a better app than TradeX. Keep visiting the blog for the latest post information.

Is TradeX App Real or Fake ?

Tradex App is a real app and it really pays

What is TradeX App?

TradeX App is a trading app. In which you can earn money by answering questions in yes or no.

Is Tradex App Safe ?

Tradex App is a completely safe app. In this your money remains completely safe. When you have more than Rs 200, you can transfer it to the bank.

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