Top 10+ Work you can do at home in this lockdown

Friends, all of us are at home because of lockdown and in such a situation the question comes in everyone’s mind, what should we do work at home to spend time?

Friends, there is no need to worry because in this post I will tell you about 10 such things that you can do to spend your time at home.

Top 10 Work you should do at home

1. To acquire knowledge

In this lockdown, you can get more and more knowledge from home, friends, this is the only time when you can improve your skills even more.

2.Watering the Plants

Due to daily work, we do not pay any attention to the plants kept in our house, if the plants in your house have grown too much then you can harvest them.

You can also plant new plants in your homes. You can also do the work of watering the plants that are installed in your house every day.

3. Home decoration

Home decoration is a very good work on which we are able to pay very little attention. You can decorate your house in many ways like –

  • Plant decoration
  • Wall decoration
  • Decorations with old things

Friends, home decoration with plants is a very good idea. You can keep small plants in the balcony of your house.

You can also decorate the main walls of your house. You can find many videos in youtube so that you can make the walls of your house beautiful.

If you have old things in your house, you can also use them in the decoration of your house, you will find many ways on the internet that you can decorate the house with old things.

4. Learn Cooking

If you are very fond of cooking and feeding others, then you can learn cooking with the help of youtube and feed your family by making new dishes.

5. Saw photos of the phone

Friends, we continue to take photos from our smartphone but we do not get time to see old photos drawn from our mobiles.

Friends, to spend time you can look at the photos in your smartphone and delete those photos which are not of your use.

You can also backup the necessary photos that exist in your smartphone, so that your photos will be protected forever.

6. Work from home job

You can also do an online job to spend time at home. You will find many videos on youtube, with the help of which you can work online from home.

7. Lean English

If you do not know English or if you are weak in speaking English, then you can learn English from home. Friends, this is the only time when you can improve your English

8. Make painting

Friends, when we were young, in childhood, we used to make drawings like scenery, parents painting, but when we grew up, the drawing completely disappeared from our lives.

Friends, if you are interested in drawing, you can also make paintings.

9. Teaching children

Due to work, we are unable to pay attention to our children. We have become dependent on school for the education of our children. Friends, this is the time when you can spend a good time with your children and give them good education.

10. Make your body Perfect

Friends, if you are fond of body building then this is the best time to build a body. After the lockdown is over, people will be amazed to see your body.

11. Loss your Weight

Friends, your imunity must be strong to fight coronavirus. If your imunity is weak then you have to pay attention to your health. Friends, you can do daily exercise to improve your health.

Friends, these were the 10 work that you can do at home to spend time. Which of these things did you like the most, please tell in the comments

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