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Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to give you information about downloading Tiranga game app.

If you also want to download the Tiranga app, then keep reading this article till the end because in this article you have been told the complete process of downloading the Tiranga game app.

AppTiranga games
Referral Code34724287388
DownloadTiranga Games Color Prediction
Size25 MB

Tiranga games Download

This game is not available on Play Store. Therefore the step by step process to download this app is as follows…

1. First of all go to the official website of tiranga game app or click here.

2. After this, here you will have to enter the mobile number and password to create an account.

3. After this you have to enter 34724287388 in the invite code.

4. After this, tick the T&C option and click on the register button.

5. After this you login to the website of Tiranga game app.

After login, if you go down on its main page, you will get the option to download Tiranga Game App.
In this way you can easily download the Tiranga Game app.

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Tiranga game app invite code

Invite code is the code with the help of which you can avail the sign in bonus when you create an account. If you do not have an invite code to create an account in the Tiranga game app, then you can create an account using the invite code 34724287388 given by us and get the best sign in bonus.

Tiranga game invite code : 34724287388

What is Tiranga game app?

Tiranga is an online gaming and casinos app where you can earn online by playing games. In this app you get different games which include Aviator, Lottery, Rummy, 777, Win Go, K3, Color Prediction, slots game and casino game.

How to earn money in Tiranga games

You can earn money in 7 ways in Tiranga game app, the details of which are as follows

1 By playing online games:- In this app you can earn money by playing online games or by color prediction or choosing numbers.

2. From App Promotion:- You can also earn money by referring Tiranga game app. You are given Rs 100 for referring this app.

3. On depositing money for the first time – In this app you are given a bonus on depositing money for the first time. If you deposit Rs 100 in this app for the first time, you are given a bonus of Rs 20.

If you deposit Rs 10,000 for the first time, you are given a bonus of Rs 1,000.

4. By Daily Check In– You can also earn money by daily check in in Tiranga app.

5. By commission by team – By promoting this app you can create your own team. If you form a team of 5 members then you are given a commission of Rs 300 per day.

6.From Streak Bones – In this app you can also get bonus by investing money daily. In this app, if you invest Rs 100 more than 3 times, you are given a bonus of Rs 30.

7. From Tiranga’s video – If you make a video related to Tiranga game app and upload it on YouTube, then you are given a bonus from Tiranga app.

If the video uploaded by you gets more than 1 thousand views then you are given Rs 700, if more than 10 thousand views come then you are given Rs 5000.


How much money do you get for referral to Tiranga app?

You are given Rs 100 for referring to Tiranga app.

How much is the sign in bonus in Tiranga game app?

In this app, you get a sign in bonus on your first deposit amount, the higher your deposit amount, the higher the sign in bonus.

How much less money is required to withdraw money from Tiranga game app?

To withdraw money from this app, you should have a minimum of Rs 110.

Is Tiranga game real or fake?

Tiranga game is a real online gaming app from which you can earn money.

Does Tiranga Game really pay?

Tiranga game app actually gives you money.

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