Step Master App Real or Fake : Complete Review

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Step Master App is a Step Count Earn Money App. In this article, I am going to review this App so that you will understand whether this App is real or Fake? If you want to know whether Step Master App is real or fake, then read this post completely.

Nowadays a new Step Count Earn Money App is being launched on the Play Store. These Apps claim that you can earn money by walking. The more steps you walk, the more money you will earn.

Apps like this say that it wants to inspire people towards fitness. By walking, people will remain fit as well as earn some money.

The thinking of these companies is very good but the real truth is something else and here I am going to reveal it, so let’s know the real truth of Step Master App.

Step Master App Introduction

Step Master App is a Step Count Earn Money App. When you download and open this app, money icons appear on its opening page.

There is no need to register by entering mobile number in this app. An account is created in this App even without registration. To earn money from this app, you have to collect the coins and rupees shown on the home page.

When you have a lot of coins, you can withdraw them in Paytm. More than 1 million downloads of this app have been done on Google Play Store. Now the question is can you make money from it? Is this App a genuine App?

Step Master App Real or Fake

Step Master App is not a real App. This is a Fake App and you cannot earn money from it. Even if you earn money from this app, you will not be able to withdraw money. Here I will tell you 5 reasons so that you will understand why this App is a Fake App?

Not Verifying Account – When you download and open this app, it opens without registration. There is no option given to create an account in this app.

When you do not have an account, then there is no ID either. You cannot even withdraw money because you do not have a fixed ID.

2. Your account is not created – No account of yours opens in this app. In this way, when you delete this app, then all the things open from the beginning and all the money you had earned disappears.

3. Easy Access – This App is currently in Easy Access Mode, when you download it from Play Store, then Easy Access Mode will appear, that is, this app is not fully launched on Play Store and it is still in development mode.

Most of the apps do not work fully in development mode because testing is going on these apps, so it is not necessary that you can earn money from this app.

4. Earning money – It is very difficult to earn money in this. 2500 Ru = 1 Rs in this app. It happens. There should be at least 280 rupees to withdraw money. 3 lakh Ru coins are available in this app, whose value is 120 rupees, but to withdraw money, 160 rupees more have to be earned.

Rs 160 is equal to 5 lakh Ru coins, which may take you up to a month to earn. Apart from this, there is no guarantee of withdrawal of money.

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5. Fake Step Count – This App does not count your steps properly and gives very wrong information which proves that it is a Fake App and you cannot earn money from it.

Conclusion – It is clear from the above mentioned 5 reasons that Step Master App is a Fake App and you cannot earn money from it. If you are really looking for Real Money Earning App then I will suggest you Trago App

Trago App is a Best Opinion Trading App in which you can earn money by giving your opinion. I have given complete information about Trago App in my previous post, you can read it.

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  3. step master fake and frud app dont weste your time
    I earning 18000 above cannot withdrawl money
    Fake app

  4. Jis app me kewal jitana hi hai wo Paisa kaise kama ke de sakta hai. So grateful ho.jao app bhi ki ye Puri tarike se fake hai

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