Smart Walk App Real or Fake : Complete Review

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Walk and earn money. You must have heard about many such apps which give money while walking. One such app called Smart Walk is fast becoming popular among people.

There have also been 1 million downloads of this app on the Play Store. Now the question is is this app real? Does it work? Is this a fake app or not? smart walk app legit or not? smart walk app real or fake?

About Smart Walk App

You must have heard somewhere about Smart Walk App. This app is fitness tracking app. This app is completely free which counts your step means you can use it for free.

Features like Sports Pedometer, Statistical Report, Save Power have been given in this app. This app has not yet been fully launched on the Play Store, but it is currently in Early Access mode.

No app works properly in Early Access Mode, although you can use this type of app. Smart Walk App looks completely like Sweet Walk App. Its people and interface are both the same.

Both the apps are in Early Access mode. Sweet Walk App has also got one million downloads on Play Store. Sweet Walk App has the facility to earn money while Smart Walk App does not.

Smart Walk App Real or Fake

I have already given the intro of Smart Walk App, now let us know whether smart walk app is real or fake? Smart Walk App is a fake app, yes Smart Walk App is not a legit App.

There are many reasons for the Smart Walk App being fake. Let us know why this app is fake?

1.Early Access – This app is currently in Early Access mode, that is, it is not yet fully developed and is currently in testing mode. No app works completely properly in testing mode, many bugs are seen in them.

2. Advertisement – A lot of advertisements are seen in this app. There is a lot of advertisement in this app and advertisements of money earning apps keep coming.

Conclusion – Smart Walk App is completely fake app and it is not real at all. Hope you have understood that Smart Walk App Real or Fake? smart walk app legit or not

I have written many articles earlier in which I have told the reality of many Apps and Websites. The link of all those posts is given below, you can read them by clicking on the link.

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