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Most of the students want to earn money by doing part time job because they have to study also. In the name of part time job, simplyearnonline website is becoming increasingly popular among people.

Simplyearnonline Is Fake or Real

Jobs like Data Entry Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, Copy Paste Jobs, Writing Jobs will appear on this website. Now the question is whether this website really gives jobs to the people. Is simplyearnonline a real website or is it a fake website?

If you want to know whether the Simplyearnonline website is real or fake, then read this post carefully, only then you will understand everything very clearly.

About Simplyearnonline

  • Website Name – Simplyearnonline
  • URL –
  • Category – Job

Famous by the name of Simplyearnonline’s online job website. Jobs like Data Entry Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, Copy Paste Jobs, Writing Jobs appear on this website.

In this, it has been told on the website that you can earn 800 rupees / day in data entry jobs, 600 rupees / day in form filling jobs, 500 rupees / day in copy paste and 500 rupees / day in writing jobs.

It is very easy to create an account in this. You can create an account by entering your name and email id. When you enter the name and email ID to create an account in it, a Confirmation email comes to your email, after clicking on which your account is verified and you are redirected to a new website.

Here I have given an overview of the Simplyearnonline website, how this website is making claims and how to create an account in it. Now we know whether this website is real or fake?

Simplyearnonline is Fake or real

Simplyearnonline is a Fake website. This is completely a scam. Here I will tell you 5 reasons by which you will understand why this website is fake.

1.Advertisment – A lot of Google Ads are seen on this website. Such advertisements are not shown on any real job website.

2. Subdomain – This website is built on Subdomain. Its URL is something like this which starts with App, if you go to its main domain website, you will not get anything.

3. Redirect – When you register in this website and verify email, it will redirect you to a new website named

4. Fees – A real job giving website does not ask for money from the user in any way but when you register on it asks you for a joining fee of Rs.99.

5. ScamAdviser – The Trustscore of this site on the ScamAdviser website is 1 out of 100, which is very low.

All these reasons prove that Simplyearnonline is not a real website, it is completely a scam website which has been created to loot you.

Conclusion – Many of you must be thinking that if this website is fake then why is it giving jobs to people. This website is giving very simple jobs to the people because most of the people demand similar jobs.

This website wants to make people mad and take their money. Many people fall in their trap and pay joining fee as well. This earns the website. Apart from this, Adsense ads also come on this website and they also earn from this.

Hope you have understood this post written on Simplyearnonline Is Fake or Real very well. Keep visiting the blog for similar posts

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