Shopsy App Real or Fake ? Shocking Truth

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Should we buy goods from Shopsy? You must have known about Shopsy App, it is an online shopping App. Shopsy app is the company of Flipkart itself. In this App, you can buy goods at a very cheap price.

Goods are very cheap in Shopsy App, due to which anyone can buy these goods easily. Many people have a question that Shopsy App is Real or Fake?

AppShopsy App
DownloadShopsy App Download
Rating 4.2 (Google Review)
Size15 MB
Downloads100 Million Plus

What is Shopsy App?

Shopsy App is the shopping app of Flipkart. In this app, you can buy goods of categories like Fashion, Beauty, Mobiles etc. Goods are available very cheap in this app, so those who do not have much money can shop from here.

Shopsy App cheap Products

You will get all kinds of goods on this app, so you can buy whatever goods you want to buy. Shopsy App also has the facility of Buy Now Pay Later, so you can buy goods and pay later.

The special thing about Shopsy App is that it provides free delivery facility on all types of goods. If you buy goods worth Rs.100, then you do not have to pay any charges on delivery. It also provides the facility of cash on delivery.

Shopsy App Products Starting from

Digital Watch 75 Rs.
Sarees 129 Rs
Tees 75 Rs.
Men’s Casual Shoes176 Rs.
Track Pants189 Rs.
Earbuds200 Rs.
Trimmers and Savers179 Rs.
Hair dryers99 Rs
Data Cable29 Rs
Mobile & Holders99 Rs
Mouse 49 Rs
USB Gadegets29 Rs
Hair Straighteners99 Rs
Headphones299 Rs.
Bluetooth Selfie Stick117 Rs.
Slippers 130 Rs.
Bluetooth Speakers214 Rs.

Shopsy App Real or Fake

Shopsy App is a Real App, here all the goods are found real, but sometimes the goods also turn out to be bad. It has a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store and has 100 million downloads.

Cheap Products : If you buy cheap goods from this app, then its quality may be bad. On buying clothes from this app, the quality of the clothes can be according to its price.

Clothes : If you buy expensive clothes up to Rs.400-500, then in many cases the clothes can turn out to be good, otherwise their quality can turn out to be bad. In this app, the lower the price of the cloth, the worse will be the quality of the cloth.

Electronics : If you buy electronic goods from that app then you can get Defective Product. Many Youtubers have reviewed live Shopsy Product in their videos, in which the quality of the product has turned out to be poor.

Higher Rating Products : If you buy higher rating products from Shopsy App, then there are high chances that the quality of the goods will be good.

Is shopsy App genuine

Yes, shopsy App is a genuine company and you can shop from here, although there is no guarantee that the cheap products will be good. The best thing about this app is that this app gives free delivery facility on all the products.

Before buying a product from Shopsy, you must read the review of the product. As far as possible, buy only high rating products in Shopsy.

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Shopsy App Pros

  • Shop Under 25 Rs
  • over 15 Crore + Listing
  • Super Easy Returns
  • Free delivery
  • Cash on Delivery Avialble

Shopsy App Cons

  • Sometimes defective Products
  • Sometimes Products Overpriced
  • Sometime Product not deliver on time
  • Sometimes Products Quality not Good
  • Shopsy App Not Working Sometime

Should we buy from Shopsy?

Yes, you can do shopping with Shopsy App, although if you shop keeping some things in mind then you will not face any problem.

1. Buy only those products from Shopsy App whose ratings and reviews are good. Product with low rating may be of poor quality.

2. In this, the quality of overpriced product is good, so if you find any product overpriced, then you can buy it.

3. Product quality may get damaged at unexpected price. If you are getting a product very cheap, then it is not necessary that the product will work well after delivery.

4. The rating of the product on the Shopsy App can also be fake, so do watch the video of the product review which is post by the buyer.

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