Seekho App Coupon code: 415E25, Get Free Subscription [80% Off]

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Seekho App Coupon code: 415E25, Get 80% Off on Yearly subscription plan Worth 999 Rs. Coupon code is very easy to use in Seekho App.

App NameSeekho: Hindi learning videos
Coupon Code415E25
Size23 MB
Download LinkSeekho App Download

What is Seekho?

Seekho is an Indian Brand, Which is fully dedicated to sharing Skill based knowledge in one place in Hindi Language. The owner of Seekho is Keertay Agarwal, Rohit Choudhary, and Yash Banwani and The Company is Edutech Private Limited.

Here you can watch and even create short informational videos. All you need to do is take their yearly subscription which you’ll get only a 60% discount using the code provided by them.

But Friends I have good news, you can avail a whopping 80% discount by simply Applying our coupon code: 415E25. So hurry up, and grab this deal fast.

What does Seekho Offer?

On this platform, you’ll find useful information on topics like Mobile Tricks, Online Earning, photography, English Speaking, Arts & crafts, teaching, Share Market, Dance, Health, Beauty and the list is just increasing day by day.

Irrespective of your age, status, and lifestyle, you will find interesting things to learn. Remind you it’s not an entertainment platform. Its primary focus is Educating people with important skills and knowledge which we are never taught in schools.

Most questions you have regarding any topic, you just type there and chances are high you’ll get your answers in no time.

Seekho App Coupon code

Seekho App Coupon Code is a 6 letter unique code using which you can get 80% off on Seekho App Yearly subscription Plan.

It is very easy to use Coupon code when you will create an account in Sikho app and buy subscription Plan then you will get place to enter Coupon code, you have to fill Coupon code at the right place and click on Apply.

Seekho App Coupon Code : 415E25

In this way you can get 80% discount in Seekho App subscription Plan by using Coupon Code.

Steps For Registration with the Seekho App Using Coupon Code.

  • On the App is downloaded, open the App.
  • Enter your mobile number, for opening your account and click Arrow.
  • You’ll receive an OTP on your Number, enter it for your mobile number verification.
  • Now Complete your profile and save.
  • Now choose your Topic of Interest and click confirm.
  • Select which stage you want to continue with light, regular or advanced one.
  • On the home page click on the + icon at the bottom, subscription menu will pop up.
  • Click on the Yearly Subscription plan, Here Enter our coupon Code:415E25.

Wow!! you get a yearly subscription with an 80% discount.

Why Opt for the Seekho Subscription?

Seekho App is the best thing on the internet right now. It has a great user interface, easy to handle. The important thing to consider is it is available in our national language Hindi.

Most of our family members and friends who face difficulty in understanding English can learn things without much difficulty.

But certain contents are not available for free. To maintain the app and the database they need financial assistance. So they charge a certain amount for the subscription.

Depending on the budget of their customers they come up with two options one monthly subscription and another yearly subscription. But not to worry friends.

  • Monthly subscription Plan – 199 Rs
  • Yearly subscription Plan – 999 Rs

Use the Seekho App Coupon code: 415E25 and enjoy the premium benefits at a cheaper price of Rs199 only (Yearly subscription Plan).

Seekho App Review

People have given very good review on Seekho App in Google Play Store. This app has got a rating of 4.3 on Play Store, which proves that it is a very useful app. You can also read the review in the photo below.

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Seekho App Vs Youtube

Seekho App is an Education Platform while Youtube is Multy Platform. There are many educational videos available for learning on both the platforms. Seekho App is better than Youtube because your attention does not get distracted here.

It is normal to get distracted on Youtube. If you go to learn anything on Youtube, then your attention wanders towards such videos which you did not want to watch.


You can Register with Seekho either at their website or on its Mobile App. You can either click the link below or go to the Google Play store to download the SeeKho App.

You might have come across certain sites offering coupon codes with a 90% discount, if this was the case I would have shared that code but Friends it’s all just a waste of time.

Those are not valid ones. You can check on the Seekho website or on the mobile App The Seekho code is provided by the company itself and offers a 80% discount only.

Seekho App FAQ

What is Seekho App?

It is an App developed in India, fully dedicated to sharing Skill based knowledge in one place in the Hindi Language.

Who is Seekho app Founder?

The founder of the Seekho app are Keertay Agarwal, Rohit Choudhary, and Yash Banwani.

Is the Seekho App subscription worth it?

Yes, the Seekho App Subscription is worth it. This app is unique, it gives all information in a simple Hindi language. It can be used easily by the majority of Indians who either read, speak, and understand Hindi.

Seekho app is real or fake?

Seekho app is real app and it is working very well. With this app, you can improve your skills by learning important things.

Seekho App is safe or not?

It is a safe app. It has a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play store with around 18T reviews.