Review : Rapidrupee Loan App Fake or Real ? (Revealed)

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Rapidrupee is a new loan app. This loan app claims to have Instant Loan. Now the question is whether this is a real loan app or a fake app. Can you really take a loan from this?

Rapidrupee has not been launched properly on Google Play Store. If you want complete information about this app then read the complete post.

What is Rapidrupee Loan App?

Rapidrupee is a loan app. This app is claiming to give loan up to Rs 20,000 within 30 minutes. This app is not yet launched properly on Play Store.

This app is currently in development mode and has not been launched properly on Play Store. In development mode, you can use any app and see how it is working.

If you feel that there is a bug in this app, you can also report it. This app claims to provide instant loan ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 20,000. You can take loan for 61 to 365 days.

If you take loan for 61 to 365 days then its maximum APR will be 89.8% but if you take loan for one year then the interest rate will be between 12%-36%. Apart from this, processing fees of Rs 99 will also be charged.

This app provides the facility of personal loan, Small Personal Loans, Cash loan, Loans of Self Employed. To take loan from this app, one has to upload Aadhar card, PAN card and selfie.

Talking about the eligibility of this app, you should be a citizen of India, your age should be above 18, you should be a Salaried/Self-Employed Person and your credit bureau should not be negative.

Rapidrupee Loan App Download

Rapidrupee Loan App को आप नीचे लिंक पर क्लिक करके गूगल प्ले स्टोर से डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं.

Rapidrupee App Download

Rapidrupee App Fake or Real

Rapidrupee App is currently available in Early Access mode on Play Store, that is, it has not been launched properly on Play Store yet, hence it cannot be said properly whether this app is real or fake.

My advice is that you should not use this app because there may be bugs in this app which can damage your phone. I also say that you should not take loan from any loan app.

Many such cases have come to light in which people, troubled by the harassment of these loan apps, have even committed suicide. Loan apps access your phone’s data and then use it against you.

Loan apps also steal your contact number, then edit your photos and videos and send them to your friends and relatives and blackmail you.

Even if you pay the full amount of these loan apps, these loan apps still harass you and demand more money.


rapidrupee is safe or not

rapidrupee is not at all safe, it takes access to your phone’s contact number and gallery to give you a loan.

Is rapidrupee loan app rbi registered

No, rapidrupee loan app is not registered with RBI so do not take loan from this loan app.

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