Review : Memechat store mystery box is real or Fake ?

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Big Youtubers and influencers make videos of Mystery Box. You must have also seen the videos of Mystery Box ordered from Memechat store.

The question is, are these mystery boxes really real? Can you find iPhone, Fridge, Apple Watch and other expensive things in these Mystery Boxes? Here I am going to tell you the whole truth about Memechat store, so let us know.

What is Memechat store?

Memechat store is a store from where you can ask for mystery box. Mystery box is delivered to your home within a few days.

As the name suggests, Mystery box is a box in which anything can come out. Whatever mystery box you order from Memechat store, any thing like food, drink, wear, or bathing can be found inside it.

It is not necessary that you get something worth the same amount as you spent, it can be worth less or more. If you are lucky, you may find something expensive or something that is of no use to you.

There are three types of mystery boxes available at this store.

1. Gajju Mystery Box – The price of this mystery box is Rs 169. In this you can win Iphone 15, Apple Airpods Max, One plus pHone, Ps5 GTA 5.

2. SPECIAL MYSTERY BOX – The price of this MYSTERY BOX is Rs 499. The special thing about this box is that by purchasing it, your chances of winning big prizes like Sneakers, Gaming Monitor, iPhone increase.

3. Gajju Mystery Box – Bronze – The price of this Mystery Box is Rs. 1000. You can win a big prize in this also.

4. Gajju Mystery Box – Silver- The price of this mystery box is Rs 10,000 and you can get expensive products from here.

Memechat store is Real or Fake

Memechat store is a real store and many creators have ordered mystery boxes from this store. Mystery boxes ordered from this store are delivered to your home within 7 to 25 days. You can ask for more than one mystery box.

If you order 4 or more Gajju Mystery Boxes then you do not have to pay any shipping charges. Let us now know the reality of Memechat store.

Reality of Memechat store Mystery Box

If you are asking for the Mystery Box so that you can win some expensive thing, then you should be ready to get the cheap thing also. If you buy a Mystery Box worth Rs 499 and expect to get an iPhone, then be prepared to get something worth Rs 10.

Here you have to understand one thing that getting an iPhone worth Rs 1.5 lakh in a box worth Rs 499 is no less than winning a lottery and only one person out of lakhs gets the lottery.

The company is also doing business here and will never incur losses, so if an iPhone worth Rs 1.5 lakh is found in someone’s mystery box, then it is obvious that thousands of people must have found low cost items in the mystery box.

That is why if you hope to get a more expensive product, you will have to be prepared to get a cheaper product also.

If you order one Mystery Box, there are very few chances that some expensive product will be found in it, but if you order more than 10 Mystery Boxes, then there is a possibility that some of them may contain a very expensive product.

Conclusion – Hope you have understood whether Memechat store mystery box is real or Fake. Keep visiting our blog for similar posts

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