Review : Lucky Tube App Real or Fake

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Do you also want to know whether Lucky Tube App is real or fake? After downloading Lucky Tube App you get Rs 2000. Must have at least Rs 5000 to withdraw money

To earn money, the facility of games has been provided in it, however there are no games present in it and to earn money one has to watch video ads.

Lucky Tube App Real or Fake

Lucky Tube App is a Fake and Scam App. No one can earn money by downloading this app. You get 2000 rupees on downloading this app but you will never be able to withdraw those rupees.

Following are the reasons why this app is fake

1. Account Opening – When you open an account in this app, your account is not verified. After downloading this app you get money without registration.

2. Ads – A lot of ads are seen in this app which is very bad. This proves that this app wants to earn money from you and not make you earn money.

3. Fake Earning – The earning from this app is completely fake. This type of app has already been launched on Play Store which was providing exactly similar facility.

4. Launch – This app has not been launched properly on Play Store yet. The app which has not been launched on Play Store cannot be a real app.

5. Business Model – There is no business model of this app which can prove that why is this app giving you money for free? Think for yourself why this app will give you money for free?

Conclusion – All these reasons prove that Lucky Tube App is a fake app and no one can earn money from this app. When you think carefully you will know that no app will give you money for playing games for free.

If this app was really real and was distributing money for free, then ads would not have run. Having ads in this app proves that this app is earning money from ads.

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