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Telegram Group Join Now is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform. You can trade in crypto on this website. This website looks absolutely real, but is this website really real? Website Real or Fake website can be a fake website and I would advise you not to invest even a single rupee in it. This type of trading website has already been launched, about which I have already mentioned in the post.

Such websites like Valhadex, Kedamex get closed just a few days after opening. is also like those websites and it can also be a fake website.

There are 5 reasons why these websites are fake.

1. Crypto Trading Platform – The biggest reason for this platform being fake is that it is a Crypto Trading platform. Nowadays, many fake Crypto Trading websites are being launched, which proves that this too can be a fake trading website.

2. login without verify – When you create an account on this website, it opens your account without verifying it. A real website definitely verifies the account.

3. Gov Registered – This website is not government registered, which means that if you invest money in it, there is no guarantee that your money will be safe.

4. About – About page is not given in this website due to which no information is available about this company, where it is located and how it works.

5. Trust Rating – Its trust score on Scamadvisor is 20 out of 100, which proves that this website can be a fake website.

6. Domain Age – Only 7 days have passed since this website was opened. This website is completely new and it is not at all right to trust a new website.

These 5 reasons prove that is a fake website and you should not invest even a single rupee in this website. Your money may get stuck if you invest money on this website.

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