Referral code for myntra : t9dkn9, Get Rs.100 Myncash

referral code for myntra
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Referral code for Myntra, If that’s all you are looking for then here is the Referral code for Myntra App – t9dkn9 Get Rs.100 myncash + Rs.300 off on first purchase with free delivery using this referral code

Myntra is a shopping platform where you can buy a wide range of clothing items for men, women, kids, footwear, jewelry, purses, home decor, etc.

The most special thing about the Myntra app is that it often runs sales, in which good branded things are available at low prices.

That’s why you must do shopping from Myntra App, but along with shopping, how about if you earn money from it? Yes friends, you can earn money with the help of Referral Code of Myntra App. Let’s know how –

What is Myntra Referral Code?

When you share (refer) someone’s link to download Myntra App, then a code also goes along with it, which is called Myntra Referral Code.

If a person creates his account on Myntra App using this Referral Code, then he will get 100 rupees sign up bonus.

Along with this, that person will also get Rs.300 off and free shipping on their first order i.e. no order delivery charges.

According to the Refer and Earn scheme, the person who refers Myntra App will get double of it, ie Rs.200. Apart from this, sales often go on in Myntra, by sharing the Referral Code, you can earn even more money.

Friends, if you also want to earn Rs.200 per Refer by sending your Myntra Referral code, then continue reading the article.

Myntra Myncash

Whatever money you get per Refer or Sign Up through referral code on Myntra App is called Myncash.

1 Myncash is equal to 1 Rupee but it cannot be transferred to the bank. This can be deducted from the shopping amount.

Only 10% of the total order price can be deducted from Myncash at a time. For example – If you put an item worth Rs.200 for order, then you can get Rs.20 deducted from Myncash and the remaining Rs.180 will have to be paid.

You can check how much Myncash is available in your account by going to the Profile option and clicking on Myncash.

How to get myntra referral code ?

Step 1. To get your Myntra Referral code and send it to others, first install myntra app and sign up on it.

Step 2. After this, the Profile option will appear on the home page. Click on that.

Step 3. From here go to Refer and Earn.

Step 4. Now here you will see your Referral Code, click on Send Invite option below it.

Step 5. Now many messaging apps will appear in front of you like – WhatsApp, Telegram etc. Select any one of these.

Step 6. Then select the person to whom you want to send the Myntra Referral code and send it.

Where to use Myntra Referral code?

To earn 100 rupees by using referral code you have to open your new account on myntra app.

Step 1. For this download Myntra App from Play Store and then open it.

Step 2. Now on the home page, click on Profile at the bottom right corner.

Step 3. Then click on Login / Sign Up.

Step 4. Now enter your mobile number from which you have never created an account on Myntra App before. Continue after filling the mobile number.

Step 5. After this fill the OTP received on the mobile number and continue.

Step 6. Now click on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.

Step 7. After this, first of all you have to create your new password. Password should be of 8 characters which must contain at least 1 digit, 1 special character like – @ or # and 1 capital letter like – A, B.

Step 8. After that fill your personal information like name, gender, mobile number, email address.

Step 9. Then click on I have a referral code at the bottom and enter our Myntra referral code t9dkn9.

Step 10. Create Account at the end.

By doing this, your myntra account is ready and Rs 100 sign up bonus of your Referral Code will also have come in your myntra account.

How to use Myncash on Myntra App?

As we mentioned above, to use Myncash, you have to do shopping on Myntra App. So let’s know how to use Myncash during shopping?

NOTE – Before shopping, please save your address and alternate mobile number etc. in Myntra App.

Step 1. First login to myntra app.

Step 2. After this, click on the product you want to buy.

Step 3. Then click on Add to Bag.

Step 4. Now click on the icon of the bag above.

Step 5. Now click on Place Order.

Step 6. Check your address on the next page. And then click on CONTINUE.

Step 7. Now select the box in front of MynCash to deduct the money.

Step 8. Your order amount will be deducted as soon as you select MynCash.

Step 9. After this, select your Payment Mode and place the order.

NOTE – If MynCash is already selected then directly place the order.

Friends, you can use MynCash in the above way.

Final Words :

Our Referral code for myntra is – t9dkn9. Create an account on Myntra using this and get – Rs.100 sign up bonus + Rs.300 off on first order and free shipping.

After that earn Rs.200 (200 MynCash) per Refer by sharing your own Myntra Referral Code. I hope the information given about Myntra App is well understood.

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