14 Best Refer and Earn Demat Account Apps

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Are you searching for such Refer and Earn Demat Account Apps in which you can get up to 1000 rupees per refer? If yes then you are at the right place.

Refer and Earn is a very good way to earn money. Brand runs Refer and Earn program to promote its product. In this way, the advertisement money of the brand is also saved and common people also earn money.

Here I will tell you about such Demat Account Apps in which you can earn up to 1000 rupees by referring. If you want to know about these apps then read the post completely.

Refer and Earn Demat Account Without Trading

1. Angel One Refer and Earn

In Angel One Refer and Earn program, you get a voucher of Rs 300 to Rs 500 on every refer and you can refer only 10 people in a month.

If you want to earn more money then you can join Angel One DRA Program. After joining this program, you can earn Rs 200 and 20% brokerage commission on every referral.

To join Angel One DRA Program, you must have a Demat account with Angel One.

Account OpeningZero
AMCRs. 240 (1st Year Free)
Per ReferRs.300 – Rs.500 Vocher
Referral CodeAHWAH
Account Opening LinkAngel One

2. Upstox Refer and Earn

The refer and earn amount of Upstox keeps changing. At present Upstox is giving Rs 500 on every referral. When someone opens an account in Upstox within 7 days from your referral link, you get Rs 500.

Account OpeningZero
Per ReferRs.300 – Rs.500
Account Opening LinkUpstox

3. Dhan Refer and Earn

Dhan Refer and Earn program is also quite good. In this you can earn lifetime 20% brokerage on every referral. Dhan is also considered a very good platform for trading.

Account OpeningZero
Per Refer20% Brokerage
Referral CodeQTAMG90792
Account Opening LinkDhan

4. Zerodha Refer and Earn

You all must know about Zerodha. Its Refer and Earn program has not changed since the beginning. In this you get 300 coins and lifetime 10% brokerage commission on every referral.

Account OpeningRs. 200
Per Refer10% Brokerage Sharing + 300 Coins
Account Opening LinkZerodha

5. Kotak Neo Refer and Earn

In Kotak Neo, you get Rs 300 on every referral and 20% brokerage sharing for 2 years. In this, people below 30 years of age can take a subscription plan by spending Rs 299, after which they will have to pay 0 brokerage on equity.

Account OpeningRs.299 (under 30) & Rs.99 (Above 30)
Per ReferRs.300 + 10% Brokerage for 2 years
Account Opening LinkKotak Neo

6. 5paisa Refer and Earn

Refer and Earn program of 5paisa is also quite good. In this you can earn Rs 300 on every refer. If you join its Pro Partner Program, you can also earn lifetime brokerage commission on every referral.

Account OpeningZero
Per ReferRs.300
Promo CodeATUL3201
Account Opening Link5paisa

7. Motilal Oswal Refer and Earn

According to Motilal Oswal refer and Earn, you get Rs 200 on every referral. The condition of its refer and earn program is that when you refer someone and he deposits Rs 10,000 at the time of opening the account, then you will get Rs 200.

Account OpeningFree
AMCRs.199/year (1st Free)
Per ReferRs.200
Referral CodeA1035051
Account Opening LinkMotilal Oswal

8. IIFL Refer and Earn

IIFL (India Infoline Finance Limited) is a financial services company based in India that provides a wide range of financial products and services, including loans, investment opportunities, and insurance.

IIFL App is giving 500 rupees per refer. In this, Rs.500 on first refer, Rs.1000 on second refer, Rs.1500 on third refer and Rs.2500 on 5th refer are getting Brands Voucher.

You can get vouchers of Amazon pay, Myntra, Domino’s, Pizza Hut by referring others. For successfully refer your friend need to trade after opening account in IIFL App then only you will get money

In this way, by referring more and more people, you can get more and more brands vouchers and buy whatever you want.

IIFL has account opening charges of Rs.0 and AMC charges of Rs.250 (1st year free)

9. INDMoney Refer and Earn

This app is known for investing in US stocks. With the help of this app, you can invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs & FDs.

INDMoney gives you 500 rupees per refer. When you refer this app to someone and he downloads this app and trades, then 500 rupees will come in your IND Wallet.

Here you have to keep one thing in mind that all the money you earn by referring IND Money will expire after 7-Mar-2023, so you have to transfer this money to the bank before 7-Mar-2023.

In INDMoney account opening charges are Rs.0, AMC charges are Rs.0 and Profile Verification is Rs.0.

10. Samco Refer and Earn

Like Upstox and Angel one, you can do trading and investing in this too. You and your friend get Rs 750 for referring this app, apart from this you also get 100% brokerage cashback in the first month.

To get rewards from Samco Refer and Earn program, you have to open your friend’s account and trade within 30 days

Account opening charges in Samco is Rs 0, AMC charges Rs 400 (1st year free).

11. Espresso Refer and Earn

Espresso App is the app of Sharekhan Brokerage Firm. You get 400 rupees for referring this app. The refer and earn condition of this app is the same as other brokerage apps i.e. when your friend downloads the app from your referral link and creates an account and trades for Rs.20 brokerage, you will get money.

For a trade of Rs.20 brokerage, your friend will have to spend at least Rs.500. It has account opening charges of Rs.0 and AMC charges of Rs.400/Year (1st year free)

12. SBI Securities Refer and Earn

In this you get 700 rupees per refer. In this Rs 300 is available as Cash/Voucher and the remaining Rs 400 is available as brokerage Reversal.

In this you will get “Rs 300 Cash/Voucher” only when your friend opens account and does first trade within 60 days and rest “Rs 400 brokerage Reversal” will be available when your friend does second trade within 6 months

13. HDFC Securities Refer and Earn

Under the HDFC Securities Refer and Earn program, you can get a referral worth Rs 5000. According to this program, you can get rewards worth a maximum of Rs.15,000 in a month.

This offer is valid for HDFC Securities Customer till 25th February 2023. Talking about the terms & condition of HDFC Securities Refer and Earn program, your friend will have to open an account and trade within 30 days only then you will be eligible to get referral rewards.

In this Infiniti/Imperia Demat account opening charge is Rs.0 and AMC charge is Rs.0 / Year.

14. Nuvama Refer and Earn

In this, you can get 500 rupees gift voucher by referring the App. For successful referral, your friend needs to download the app from your referral link and create an account.

If the account of the friend referred by you becomes a value account, then on opening 3 value accounts, you will get an additional voucher of Rs.1000.

Value accounts are those accounts in which more than 5000 rupees are deposited within 30 days. On this side, if you open 3 value accounts, you will get an additional voucher of Rs.1000.

There is an account opening charge of Rs.0 and AMC charges are Lite:Rs.300, Elite:Rs.500p.a. [Free 1st Year].

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Conclusion – These are all Refer and Earn Demat Account Apps from which you can earn up to 1000 rupees on referral. Keep visiting the blog for similar information.

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