aakash chopra Probo App Referral Code 2024 : psmxvh, Get Rs Rs.10

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Are you looking for Probo App Referral Code ? So you must know a lot about Probo App. Probo App is Online Prediction Trading App. If you are going to create an account in this, then you can get Rs .200 Signup Bonus by using Probo Referral Code

Probo App Referral Code 2024 : PSMXVH

Referral Codepsmxvh
Sign UP RewardsRs.10
Probo App DownloadProbo App download
Minimum WithdrawRs.10
Rating4.1 (Google Review)
Size20 MB

It is very easy to use Probo App referral code and get bonus. Let us know how to use the refer code? Before that, those who do not have information about Probo App, let me tell them what is Probo App?

Follow the steps below to use the referral code & Claim Bonus

Probo account Opening
  1. Open the App then click on Get Started
  2. Enter your mobile number and verify it
  3. Enter Referral Code : psmxvh
  4. Congratulations you have got your sign up bonus.
  5. After doing all this your account will open

What is Probo App?

Probo App is an online prediction app. In this, questions related to different topics like cricket, stocks, bitcoin, youtube etc are asked and trading is done on those questions. The questions asked have to be answered in yes or no and money has to be put on your answer.

Suppose IND Vs NZ match is happening then the question will be something like this “IND will win in this match”? The answer to the question has to be given in Yes or No and money has to be invested. If the chances of India winning are high, then people will buy the Yes answer, this will increase its price. If you have already bought Yes answer then your money will increase.

Because most of the people think that India will win the match, so no one wants to buy No. That’s why the price of No will be less. If you want to buy No, then you will have to pay less money to buy it because people think that India will win, so everyone is buying Yes, not No.

Hope you have understood a little what is Probo App and how it works. Probo App is a satta app so it is not available on play store. Talking about the company, it is a Haryana, India based company. This app has got a rating of 3.6 in Google review.

Probo App Referral Code

Probo referral code is a 6 digit unique code that can be used to get Rs 200 bonus. Trading can be done in the game by using the bonus received from the Referral Code.

It is very easy to use Referral Code in Probo App. When you create an account in this app, you will get a place to enter the referral code. You have to enter the referral code at the right place.

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How to Use Probo App?

When you Create and open an account in Probo App, then many different topic questions will appear on the home page itself. The timing of the expiry of the question and the value of its answer are given.

Choose A Question

Click on the question on which you want to invest money, then Predict and Click on Yes or No, after filling the quantity, click on Swipe for Yes. After doing this your money will be spent on that question

enter Quanity & Set Price Limit or Click Swipe for Yes to buy Market Price

If your prediction turns out to be correct then you will get increased money. In this, the more quantity you buy of your answer, the more money you will get if the prediction is correct.

If you are interested in betting then you should know about Lotus365 and Fairplay. Both the apps are in trend. I have already written an article about both the apps, you can read those posts by clicking on the link below.

Probo App Refer And Earn

  • 200 rupees on each refer
  • 1% commission of your friend’s earning

According to Probo App Refer And Earn Program, you can earn money by referring Probo App. Probo App gives 200 rupees on each refer, apart from this 1% commission of your friend’s earning is also given.

You cannot directly transfer the money earned by referring to the bank. You can invest 100% money earned by referring in trading. After this, if you win money, you can transfer that money to the bank.

KYC has to be completed to transfer money to the bank. In this way you can earn money by referring more and more people and transfer that money to the bank.

Probo App Money Withdrawal

  • Minimum – 10Rs.

To withdraw money from Probo App, KYC must be complete. You can complete KYC with Aadhaar card and PAN card. Its Withdrawal Charges is flat 5 Rs.

In this, the facility of UPI has been given to withdraw money. You can transfer money to the bank instantly by entering the UPI ID.

Withdrawal Limit

In this, Per Transaction Withdrawal Limit is Rs 1000, ie you can withdraw only Rs 1000 at a time and the daily withdrawal limit is Rs. 2000

  • Withdrawal Charges is flat 5 Rs.
  • Per Transaction Withdrawal Limit is 2500 rupees
  • daily withdrawal limit is Rs. 5,000

What is Probo App charges ?

  • Withdrawal Charges is flat 5 Rs.
  • 30% TDs of Net Winnings
  • 10% Platform Fees

Probo App Real or Fake

Probo is completely real app and it really pays. Its company name is Probo Media Technologies Pvt Ltd whose headquarters are in Gurugram, Haryana.

Payment Proof


Is Probo app legal in India ?

Yes, Probo app legal in India . you can use it easily

Probo app is developed by whom?

Sachin Gupta has developed this app

What is customer support for the Probo app?

There is no customer care number available for Probo Application. However, you can use this email id help@Probo.in.

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