Physics Wallah Coupon code : 7706OAHQ, All Batches 2023 [50% Off]

Physics Wallah is one of the top Ed-tech company in India. By using Physics Wallah Coupon code: 8960QKFO you can get discount in their batches. If you are going to buy any batch of Physics Wallah then you can get discount by using coupon code.

Suppose you are preparing for 12th CBSE Boards Exam and physics wallah Batch fee is Rs.1500 then you can get discount by using Coupon code.

Physics Wallah prepares for IIT JEE, NEET, NDA, Commerce, CA, CAT, CUET, CLAT, UPSC, SSC, CDS, UPSC, GATE Exams and All Boards from Class 6th to 12th.

The names of the batches in Physics Wallah are very interesting. The names of their batches are as follows.

  • Parishram for 12 Board, Sankalp
  • Safal, Conceptual, Vishesh, Buniyad, Focus, Netra etc for UPSC
  • Goal, Pratigya, Fateh, Marathon for Banking
  • Paryas, Safalta, Victory, Eklavya, Manzil for IIT JEE
  • Vardi, Prarambh, Siddhi for SSC
  • Samarth for CTET

physics walllah coupon code For All Batch

COURSESpw coupon code 2023Off
Brahmastra SSC Foundation7706OAHQ50% Off
mba wallah coupon code7706OAHQ80% Off
Nishchay SSC CHSL 20227706OAHQ80% Off
UPSC Optional Courses7706OAHQ80% Off
New Skills All Courses 7706OAHQ80% Off
Other Courses7706OAHQ60% Off
pw skills coupon code7706OAHQ70% Off
gate wallah Coupon code7706OAHQ90% Off
pw saarthi coupon code7706OAHQ50% Off
Test Series 7706OAHQ60% Off
banking wallah Coupon code7706OAHQ60% Off
study material7706OAHQ60% Off
ssc wallah coupon code7706OAHQ80% Off
coupon code for pw app7706OAHQ50% Off
You can get the discount by using any coupon code

There is only one coupon code for all batches of Physics Wallah which works correctly. You can get discount by using Coupon code: 7897HKCW for all physics wallah batches like lakshya, yakeen, Paryas, Safalta, Victory, Eklavya, Manzil etc

Most of the coupons found on the internet become Exipre due to which there is a problem in applying them. Invalid appears if you apply any coupon code.

Many websites on the internet are providing coupon codes up to 90% off in Physics Valhalla courses. Let me tell you there is nothing like that, they are all fake coupons. So don't waste your time for big discount coupons

By using the Physics Valhalla coupon code, you can get a discount of Rs.50 only. Coupon code is already applicable on Physics Valhalla courses at huge discount and as soon as this coupon code is applied, further discount of 50 rupees is available in the courses.

इंटरनेट पर बहुत सी वेबसाइट फिजिक्स वल्लाह कोर्सेज में 90% Off तक कूपन कोड प्रोवाइड करा रही है. आपको बता दूँ ऐसा कुछ भी नहीं है वो सभी फेक कूपन है. इसलिए भारी डिस्काउंट वाले कूपन के चक्कर में अपना समय बर्बाद न करें

फिजिक्स वल्लाह कूपन कोड का इश्तेमाल करके आप सिर्फ 50 रूपए का ही डिस्काउंट प्राप्त कर सकते हो. फिजिक्स वल्लाह कोर्सेज में पहले से ही भारी डिस्काउंट पर कूपन कोड अप्लाई होता है और यह कूपन कोड अप्लाई करते ही कोर्सेज में 50 रूपए का डिस्काउंट और मिल जाता है.

App NamePhysics Wallah
Download10 Million Plus (Play Store)
Size50 MB
Rating4.7 (650K Review)
FounderAlakh Pnadey
Co FounderPrateek Maheshwari
Release Date18 May 2020

About Physics Wallah

Alakh Pandey sir is the founder of Physics Wallah company. He is known as Physics Wala. Alakh Pandey is a resident of Prayagraj.

Alakh Sir was fast in his studies from the beginning, his early studies were done in Prayagraj, he got 91% in high school and 93.5% in 12th. He started studying in coaching after 11th with Rs 3000

Alakh Sir completed his B.Tech in 2015 from IIT Kanpur. After this, in the year 2017, he opened his YouTube channel named Physicswala, in which he started uploading videos of his lectures on YouTube.

Gradually, his videos started going viral and those preparing for competitive exams started getting benefited, this gave a lot of momentum to his channel, which increased his views and subscribers.

In 2020, he established Physicswala as a company and today his company’s net worth has reached close to $1.1 billion, making it the country’s 101st unicorn startup.

Physics Walllah coupon Code video

You can also watch youtube video for how to use Coupon code and also see step by step process below

How to apply Physics Wallah Coupon Code?

1. Open Physics Wallah App

2. Select your batch and click on Buy Now

3. Enter 8960QKFO in place of Coupon code then click on Apply

4. Then click on Pay Now

5. Choose Payment Method and Buy Batch

Physics wallah App

How to Get More Discount in Physics Wallah ?

To get more discount in physics wallah, you can take advantage of its refer and earn program. According to this program, when you refer someone to physics wallah app with your referral link, you will get Rs.200.

You can use this money to buy PW batches or courses. By referring physics wallah App, you will get money only when your friend downloads this app and buys a course.

In this way you can earn money by referring more and more people with your referral link and you can use that money to get discount in PW Batches.

Physics Wallah Official Channels Name

  • Physics wallah – Alakh Pandey
  • Competition Wallah
  • Jee Wallah
  • Physics Wallah Foundation
  • NCERT Wallah
  • Defence Wallah – NDA
  • Physics Wallah – English
  • PW – HIndi Medium
  • PW – Bangla
  • PW Sarkari Exams
  • PW Pathshala
  • PW Vidyapeeth
  • PW Gujarati
  • PW Telugu
  • PW Maharashtra
  • PW Kannada
  • Commerce Wallah By PW
  • PW Little Champs
  • Gate Wallah
  • College Wallah
  • PW Skills
  • UPSC Wallah
  • CA Wallah by PW

conclusion- In this way you can get discount on Batches by using Physics Wallah Coupon code. For more information related to Physics Wallah, you can read the post given below.

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