Park plus App Full Review, Is this Best App for Free Petrol ?

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Park plus is a Car App which provides the facility of FASTag Recharge, Petrol Buy, Challan check, Pay Bills. Its special thing is that you can also get free petrol in it.

In this you can add your car, after which you can get information about your car’s challan, FASTag, Insurance Alerts.

Park plus App provides the following facilities.

  1. FASTag Recharage
  2. Check Challans
  3. Trip Calculator
  4. Vahan Registeration Details
  5. Car Insurance
  6. Buy petrol
  7. Bill Payments
  8. Buy Car Products
  9. Explore New Cars
  10. Search Car Details
  11. Refer and Earn Petrol

Earn Petrol For Free

In this you can win free petrol. To win petrol, you will have to play games like Daily Quiz, Spin & Win. After playing Iskho you get discount voucher

You can get discount on petrol by using vouchers, although you do not get any special discount on petrol in this. In this, you can get a discount of Rs 25 on petrol worth Rs 2000.

Park Plus Exclusive

In this you can use options like FASTag Recharge, Check Challans, Buy Petrol, Bill Payments, Buy Car Products, Explore New cars.

Car MarketPlace

This is such a feature of this app in which you can see new car, old car and can also calculate EMI of any car. Car loan facility is also provided in this.

Your Daily Needs

This is also an amazing feature. In this you are provided with facilities like FASTag Recharge, Check Challans, Brand Discounts, Car Wash, parking, Car Services which are essential facilities for any car.

Bill & Payments

In this, options for paying Mobile, Recharge, Mobile Postpaid, Electricity, Gas Cylinder, Loan Repayment, Insurance, Water bill, Piped Gas, Broadband, Cable TV, DTH Bill are also given.

However, hardly anyone uses all these options because most of the people take advantage of all these facilities from payments apps, so I do not think there was a need to provide all these options in this app.

Know More

This is a very useful feature. In this you can avail facilities like Traffic rules, Car Servicing, RC Services, DL services, Traffic Alert, Fuel Price, Message Car Owner, Challan.

Park plus Refer and Earn

In this program of Park plus, you can get 500ml Park plus petrol by referring others. When you refer someone, he will download this app, create his account and verify his car.

After this, when he makes any payment in this app, you will get 500ml Park plus petrol and he will become eligible for 800 ml Free Park plus petrol.

You can redeem the petrol received through referral only at Indian Oil petrol pumps. To redeem petrol you must have at least 5 Leter Park plus petrol

Refer and Earn Terms & Conditions

  • On referral you will get 500 ml park plus petrol.
  • For successful refer, it is necessary to download the app and do the transaction.
  • You can redeem petrol at Indian Oil pumps.
  • To redeem petrol there must be at least 5 Leter Park plus petrol

What is Park plus petrol?

This is a virtual currency in the app. 1 liter Park plus Petrol is equal to 1 liter Petrol. It remains visible on the top right side of the App. When you have 5L Park plus Petrol, you can redeem it at Indian Oil petrol pumps.

Google Play store Rating

The rating of this app is 4.5 on Google Play store and has received very good reviews. This app has had 10 million i.e. 1 crore downloads on Play Store.

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