Review :Is Paisa Wide is real or fake ?

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Paisa Wide is an online loan giving website. This loan website claims to provide loans ranging from Rs 50 thousand to Rs 40 lakh to its customers. But today we will know through this post how much truth is there in this claim.

Because today in this post we are going to tell you whether Paise Wide Loan Website is actually a real website or fake.

Let us first understand what is this Paisa Wide website and how does it give loans to its customers?

What is Paisa wide ?

Paisa Wide is a loan website operated by Digvijay Finance Limited. This website claims that it can give loans ranging from Rs 50 thousand to Rs 40 lakh to its customers within a few minutes.

For your information, let us tell you that this website offers personal loan, home loan, educational loan and business loan. To take a loan from this website, you have to choose one loan category.

After choosing the loan category, you have to enter basic information. One hour after submitting the information, this website contacts you again and claims to approve the loan immediately. This is just a website, there is no application version of it.

Now it comes to the question whether all the claims made by this website are true or is it a fake loan website? Let us know.

Is paisa Wide Is Real Or Fake ?

According to our investigation, Paisa Wide may be a fake website. The biggest reason for calling this website fake is that there is no evidence of it being an NBFC. NBFCs are non-banking institutions whose work is much like that of a bank but they do not have the license of a bank.

Some users who have used this website say that this website initially asks for Rs 2000 to give the loan. Any website that genuinely gives you a loan does not ask for any money before taking the loan.

One of the reasons why Paisa Wide Loan website is considered fake is that this website does not guarantee refund or money back. Most of the loan websites are fake, so it is not right to trust them completely. Paisa Wide is a new website whose domain is only 3 months old, in such a situation it would not be right to trust this website.

Paisa Wide Loan Website can also be fake because it is not mandatory to have CIBIL score to take loan through this website. Most of the real loan giving websites check the CIBIL score for giving loan and give the loan only if the civil score is good.

There is no customer care number present on the Paisa Wide Loan website whereas trusted websites provide customer care numbers for the convenience of their customers.

This is a website about which very little information is available on the internet and it has not been reviewed, hence such loan website should not be used without obtaining any concrete evidence or information.

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