Oxxowin real or fake | Complete Review

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Oxxowin website is becoming increasingly popular among people to earn money. People have a question whether Oxxowin is real or fake? Can money be earned from this? Is it really paying?

I have done research about this website and on the basis of that research I am going to tell you whether this website is real or fake? Before knowing its reality, those who do not know what Oxxowin is? I will tell you

What is Oxxowin?

Oxxowin is a Color Prediction Website. Here you can earn money by predicting colors. In this, money has to be invested to earn money. You can become its VIP member by investing at least Rs 200 and earn money.

On creating an account in this, you get a sign up bonus of Rs 171 which you can use to play games. But if you win, you cannot withdraw that money.

To earn money in this, one has to guess which color will come. When you create an account in this, you have the option to choose only green and red.

You get Rs 171 in bonus. If you invest 10 rupees by clicking on green, you will get 10 rupees. To play it, you just have to click on Green or Red color and invest money.

After investing money, you have to wait for 20 seconds after which the result will be revealed. If you have invested Rs. 30 in Red and the red color comes then you will get Rs. 20 whereas if you have invested Rs. 90 then you will get Rs. 50.

How to create an account in Oxxowin?

To create an account in this, one has to register by entering mobile number and password. As soon as you enter the mobile number, an OTP comes on your mobile, after entering which your mobile number gets verified.

Oxxowin real or fake

Oxxowin is completely a fake website and no one can earn money from it. This website is made only to scam you. There are many reasons for this website being fake, so let us know why this website is fake?

१. Fake Winning – When you create an account in this, you get a bonus of Rs 171, which you can use to estimate.

When you guess, you will lose twice, then when you bet 90 rupees, you will win. After this you will be asked to withdraw money, then as soon as you go to withdraw money, you will be asked to take VIP level.

In this way, they deliberately make you win so that you deposit money in it. If they had to give money, they could have given it but they did not.

२. Withdrawal Problem – Suppose you invest Rs 200 and take its VIP level, even then you will not be able to withdraw your entire money.

If you deposit Rs 200 then you can withdraw only Rs 299 but there is no option given to withdraw Rs 299. You can withdraw Rs 200, Rs 300, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 etc.

When you request to withdraw Rs 200, you will get only Rs 155. In this way you will incur a loss of Rs 45. oxxowin deducts Rs 45 in the name of handling fees.

No one knows whether these Rs 155 are transferred to the bank or not. Here, looking at its Withdrawal System, it can be understood that it does not want to let you withdraw money.

KYC Complete – In all the real money earning websites and apps, it is necessary to do KYC to withdraw money so that the information can reach the government, but this is not the case in this app, this proves that oxxowin App is a Fake Website.

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