Opium Bird Real or Fake? (Revealed)

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In today’s article, we are going to tell you about whether Opium Bird is real or fake. Opium Bird has been depicted on social media as a large black bird with blue eyes. Today, through this article, we will find out whether Opium Bird is real or fake and will provide you information whether it is real or not?

What is Opium Bird?

Opium Bird: There is a picture viral on social media for some time now, in which a blue eyed and big black colored bird is shown eating opium. It has also been claimed that this bird has come from the future and can be a threat to humans.

Opium Bird Real or Fake

Opium Bird is shown on the internet as a huge and attractive bird but it is not a real bird. This is just a rumor and there is no truth of any kind in it. You should not trust all the news shown on social media and for this you should trust only a trusted organization. The main reasons for Opium Bird being imaginary are as follows…

lack of scientific evidence

No evidence or documents of any kind has been given by any credible organization related to creatures or wildlife experts or other experts regarding the existence of opium bird. They have not talked about the existence of any such species. Due to which it cannot be imagined that opium bird is real.

Mysterious Origin

There is no information available about the origin of Opium Bird. This bird was first seen on the internet or social media. It is designed only to spread confusion. It has been created only for the creation of folklore. Therefore it can be called Fake.

unrealistic feature

In this picture viral on social media or internet, opium bird is shown drinking opium. Because the body of any bird is incapable of drinking opium. And the bird cannot be smoked. Which is the main proof that this bird is imaginary.

upon investigation

On investigation about this bird, it was found that there is no such species on earth and opium bird has been called a rumor by scientists. Along with this, during investigation, it was found that it is impossible for such a big bird to exist and this picture has been created with the help of AI only to spread confusion among the people.

The investigation has not found any concrete evidence of the existence of this type of bird. It is only an imaginary bird.

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