Onpassive Real or Fake 2024, Know Real Truth with Facts

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Onpassive Real or Fake ? In today’s time, it has become very easy to do online fraud and make people mad. Every day some company or the other frauds people in a new way, but even then people become victims of new scams.

Today I will talk about one such website which is scamming people not only in Pakistan but also in India by showing them the dream of becoming rich, the name of this website is “Onpassive”.

Onpassive Website on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular among people. It is told about this website that it is an AI IT company which will rule the internet in the coming times.

I did a detailed research about this company, then I came to know that this company has not been launched for 3 years, it is just showing dreams to the people that when it will be launched, their money will increase.

In this article we are going to tell you whether Onpassive is real or fake. Here I will tell you 5 such reasons by which you will understand that this company is completely fraud and no one can ever earn money from it.

ONPASSIVE company details

Company NameOnpassive Technologies Private Limited
DirectorsVenkata Ramana Rao Killi, Asmahan Mufareh (Main), Junaid Ishtiaque Ahmed
Date of Incorporation09 August 2021
ProductsAI Technology & Robotics
Head. OfficeOrlando, United States & Hyderabad, India

Onpassive real or fake

Onpassive is completely a scam and no one can earn money from it. It is showing people the dream of becoming rich. It targets people who are middle class people and are dreaming of getting rich quick.

This company has given money to many social media influencers, so that they give very wrong information about it and call this company a legit company, whereas it is not.

People trust the words of Social Media Influencer and invest money in it. Till now no one has earned a single rupee from this company. The people who are worried about the company go to withdraw their money but they are blocked from everywhere.

Let us know what are the reasons which prove that this company is a complete fraud. Friends, let me tell you that it did not take me much time to know the reality of this company, because I have written articles on many fraud companies which were scamming people by showing them the dream of becoming rich.

Reason No.1 – Founders

This company charges $ 97 in the name of making people founders. There is no legal documentation anywhere in this so that you can prove to the government or the police that you are the founder of this company.

The way there is completely legal documentation on buying a company’s stake in the share market and your shares are looked after in the Depository, there is nothing in this.

Actually, by paying $97 charge, you do not become the founder or co-founder of this company, but you become a member of this company. Similarly, those who have joined this company thinking that they are the founders of the company, they all are the members of this company.

Company members are those who work for the company and use their products. Now whenever Onpassive company will launch its product, only these 16 lakh people will use its product, due to which the company will get profit and the member will not get anything.

Reason No.2 – MLM Scheme

Onpassive works like an MLM company. In this, members are made by giving the name of the founder and those members add further members, the more members, the more income. This is how this MLM system works.

If you apply for $ 97 dollar refund in this company, then you will be blocked from everywhere or you will not be given any reply.

This company works completely on MLM Scheme, the way MLM members pay money to join the company, after that they use their products and make new members, in the same way this company also has a concept.

If you understand its concept carefully, then you will understand that its AI product will be used by the members of this company, if that product works properly, then that product can be launched for the people in the coming time.

Reason No3 – Benefits

This company makes big claims that when it is launched, the value of its founder will increase to 1000 dollars. Now people will be happy with this and will not use their mind.

How will the founder’s value become 1000 dollars after the launch of this company? After all, what is this company doing so big? Which product has this company made, which people will start using as soon as it is launched?

This company scares people that if you do not become its founder now, then you will not be able to become its founder in the coming time and then its value will be in crores.

Let me tell you that you can buy shares of big companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook anytime and become a shareholder of this company, that is, you can become the owner.

Reason No4 – Compensation Plan

It is like an MLM plan. When the company will launch its product, which it will never do, then all the founders will have to buy the package of its product. The more members the team has, the more commission it will get.

OnPassive product package starts from 25$. Individuals can update packages from 25$ to 125$ and ahead to earn more commission on each downline. Compensation Plan is completely MLM plan and its Founder is called Member.

Reason No5 – Impractical Claimed Products

The company claims that its products will replace companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft in the coming times. Let me tell you that it takes a long time for a company to grow up.

How can this company, which has been active in the market for some time now, make this claim when no product of this company has been launched yet. If there is a sensible person, then he will immediately understand that expanding the company is not a child’s play.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft have spent millions of engineers and billions of rupees to become so big and how can a company whose products have not been launched yet make only such big claims and nothing else.

Onpassive products list

onpassive products list is something like this.

  • O-Mail
  • OES
  • O-Trim
  • O-Net
  • O-Connect
  • O-Bless
  • O-tracker
  • O-Booking
  • And IT Solutions

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Google is a very big company which is working in 219 countries. We cannot even imagine the power of Google. The economy of many big countries is also stable because of Google.

If we talk about ONPASSIVE, then this company has not been launched yet. This company is only making big claims, but the reality is that this company is not even an ant’s product in front of Google.

The status of this company is nothing in front of Google. ONPASSIVE company is only talking big things. You can see for yourself by thinking that the company which has not been able to launch in 3 years, how will that company compete with Google?

O-Founders real or Fake

O-Founders are those people who have helped and are helping to launch and grow the company. O-Founders also have a separate website. The O-Founders of the company are also fake who will only tell you wrong things.

Onpassive Reality

Onpassive is a completely fake and scam company, its claims are completely false. This company is marketing in such a way that people get emotionally attached to it. This company is connecting people emotionally..

An emotionally attached person believes anyone quickly and does not understand anything when someone explains. This company makes the same kind of claims that middle to poor people like and they get emotionally attached to this company.

The truth of Onpassive is that no one can ever make money from it. Even before this, Pakistani cryptocurrency like B Love Network has also scammed people by showing dreams of becoming rich and there are other similar companies that have scammed people.

By Akak

Hello, I am the owner of this website. I will try my best to give you correct information through this blog. If you like the articles written by me, you can inform us through email.

6 thoughts on “Onpassive Real or Fake 2024, Know Real Truth with Facts”
  1. Since the day I was asked to become a founder by one of its brainwashed believers I was sceptical about what he said they were promising!!! Every day without fail he would tell me that Onpassive was going to make all its founders a lot of money and for over 3 years he would tell me that the company were very close to launching!!! Which of course we all know was absolute trash!! He would tell me to watch the daily bullshit videos of some twat telling us how good the company and its CEO this Mufarah con man are!! I did a lot of research on Mufarah and was not impressed with his record…The final straw was when I was told that Onpassive were going to be sponsoring the 22 fifa World Cup!! I just laughed at the idiots still belt that Mufarah was going to make us all multi millionaires….” The only person to become a multi millionaire from this pile of shite called Onpassive is the thieving con man himself Ash( i rip people off) Mufarah.. let’s hope he gets his come up lance very soon and locked away forever..

    1. Man, those are all my sentiments and experience in reviewing this company a while ago. I think u have hit the nail on the head buddy! For nearly two years u are in pre-launch? One pep after another, saying nothing! Clearly MLM! Geeze, why cant ppl just do some due diligence with at least half a brain?

  2. My brother has 11 accounts each 1 cost him 89 dollars. He is such a cock he falls for every scam because he believes in get rich quick.
    I would like to know how many idiots have given cash to this fraudster.
    I was listening to the waffle because my brother said its important.
    I showed him these reviews but no he is still a twat. Like bitcoin he lost 4k gbp, now he found these thieves but he won’t learn.

  3. My husband has been obsessed with Onpassive right from the start, he gets up in the middle of the night to listen to these so called meetings. I cannot discuss finances with him as his reply is as it has been for years ” I’m not worried, I know what’s coming”. He cannot see there is nothing coming he is totally brainwashed.

  4. Ash is an ass.. i dont know where will he pay for his such fruad .. he will pay for all this.. ash fucker..




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