Olam Agriculture app review : Oam Future Real or Fake

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Olam Agriculture app is very much discussed among the people. This is a Ponzi App. It claims that by investing money in it, you will be able to earn thousands of rupees daily.

It is claimed that by depositing Rs 3700 you will earn Rs 14,800, by depositing Rs 9700 you will earn Rs 43650 and similarly by depositing Rs 87000 you will earn Rs 5,22000.

Now the question is whether this app is really giving money to people? Can money really be earned from this app? Is Oam Future REAL or a Fake Company?

Company NameOam Future
Product NameOam agricutlutre
HeadquartersEngland, Mumbai
Business ModelPonzi Scheme
Founding DateNot Found
CEONot Found
Contact Us (Phone No)Not Found

About Oam Future

Oam Future has two websites. First – https://oamltd.com/ and Second – https://www.oamfuture.com/

Information about this company and products is given on its main website. The head office of the company is said to be located in England, Mumbai.

Their products are organic vegetables, Organic Fruits, Organic Grains, Organic Milk, Organic Fertilizer and Organic Plants. The website looks completely real.

This company is claiming to be registered since 2006 and is a genuine company. Let us now know whether this website is real or fake.

Olam agriculture earning app real or fake

Oam Future company is a fake company and no one can earn money from Olam Agriculture app. Think for yourself, if a company is giving you money for free, then from where is it giving it?

Does he have a machine to print money for free? What is her business that she is giving you money for free? Before investing money, definitely get this information about Oam Future.

If a company is taking money from you and in future when it will be beneficial then it gives you return but there is no information about how much return it will give.

Many such websites have cheated many people in the past as well, which I have disclosed in my previous post.

There are many reasons why this website is fake.

1. Ponzi Scheme – This company runs Ponzi Scheme in which it is said that your money will increase in a few days. To win people’s trust, this company gives money to people in the beginning but after a few days it stops giving money.

2. Domain Age – This company claims to be working since 2006 but its domain was registered only 5 months ago i.e. in June 2023, which means this company is clearly lying.

3. Phone No – Despite running such a big scheme, no customer support option has been given in it. There is no phone number on this website through which customer care can be contacted.

4. Social Media Presence – A real company definitely creates an account on social media to make its product available to the people. This company does not have an account on social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

5. Company Not Registered – This is a private company but is not registered anywhere. An unregistered company cannot be trusted at all.

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Conclusion – Many companies running Ponzi Scheme are launched every day and people also keep getting trapped in their trap. Think for yourself once from where Oam Future will give you free money?

Even if a company takes money from you, it takes a lot of time to return it, the money does not grow so quickly. As far as the business of this company is concerned, it should take more than 5 to 6 years to give returns.

Actually Oam Future is a completely fake company. This company is trying to cheat innocent people. Do not invest any money in this company or any company like it.

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