Numgenius ai is Not real Platform It is totally fake

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Is Numgenius AI Real or Fake? This question is such that everyone wants to know the answer. Numgenius ai looks exactly like a real company. People have given good reviews to this website on social media Quora and YouTube.

But is this website really real or fake? I have done proper research about Numgenius ai and based on my research I will give all the information about Numgenius ai.

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Information about Numgenius AI

It is written in the website of Numgenius ai that it is a company which provides the service of Cloud Computing. This company provides the cheapest service among all the companies. Their software has the ability to easily monetize all big and small compute providers.

After reading this, you must have understood that this is a software company which provides IT services to the people at the lowest price. According to the information given about this company, this company provides Cloud Computing service to the people.

There are many companies who need the service of Cloud Computing, so this company provides this service to them at the lowest price. This Numgenius AI has received very good reviews in Google and its rating is 4.6.

Now let us know whether this website is really real or it is fooling people.

Numgenius ai is real or fake

Numgenius AI is a Fake and Scam Company. This company is running a Ponzi scheme in the name of Cloud Computing and is showing people the dream of becoming rich.

I had invested Rs 900 in this app, in return I was going to get Rs 3000. In this plan I was earning Rs 36 daily. I earned Rs 798 from this and transferred this money to my bank.

After this, when I tried to withdraw more money from it, my money did not come out. This company was asking me to deposit Rs 3000. It gave me 6 hours time that if I did not deposit Rs 3000 then my account would be frozen.

I had invested Rs 900 in this company, out of which I got only Rs 766. (AfterTax) I have suffered a loss here and I have not been able to withdraw my entire money.

Numgenius ai real or fake Explain

This website has created a real identity for itself through digital marketing. It has a rating of 4.6 on Google My Business. It also has accounts on social media like Vimeo, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Tumlr.

It has 1 lakh subscribers on YouTube. After having so many subscribers, people will feel that this is a real company and is doing very good work.

These reasons prove this company to be fake.

1. Ponzi Scheme – This company is running Ponzi Scheme, that is, it is talking about doubling your money in a few months. There are many plans given in it.

Its cheapest plan is Vertual Private Servers which is priced at Rs 6,500. In this plan, by depositing Rs 6,500, an earning of Rs 18,525 is being claimed, that too within 30 days.

There are other plans available on this website which are talking about multiplying the money, like on depositing Rs 16,000 you will get Rs 50,400, on depositing Rs 35,000 you will get Rs 1,20,750.

Now the question is, how is this company doubling its money? Does this company have a money printing machine? This company was providing Cloud Computing service to the people but why is it running Ponzi Scheme?

2. Cloud Computing Service – This company is providing the service of Cloud Computing but no plan of Cloud Computing has been given on its website.

Why are investment plans available on this website? If this company is providing the service of earning money and investing money then how did the company become an IT company? The biggest question is how is this company doubling and tripling people’s money? Does it have a money printing machine?

3. Not AI Company – This company calls itself an AI Company but it is providing service to earn money. People also know this website as a money earning website.

The investment plans of this website are in thousands and lakhs of rupees. Now the question is that when it is an AI company and can earn money by providing Cloud Computing GPU service to people, then why is it running an investment plan?

After all, from where is it giving money to people? This clearly shows that this is a fraud company and is scamming people by giving them the dream of becoming rich.

Reality Of Numgenius AI

Numgenius ai is a fraud and scam company. Earlier also I have exposed scams of such big companies like Onpassive, JSW Ventrure, Olam Agriculture app, Gridbots Earning App etc. Many such Ponzi scheme companies are launched every day.

Let me tell you, all these companies were running Ponzi scheme but soon these companies ran away with people’s money.

Many people will say that they have earned money from Numgenius ai and this company has given them money, so my question to them is, from where did you get that money?

Numgenius AI’s system of cheating people is very simple. This company gives money to Youtuber and Influencer. Youtubers make fake videos about this company and show fake earnings.

People think that the Youtuber is telling the truth and he has really earned money. Many people get influenced by the Youtuber and take the cheapest plan of Numgenius ai and they also get money.

Actually, the company gives money in the beginning to win the trust of the people so that people get greedy and take its expensive plan. Now tell me, if you get Rs 50,000 instead of Rs 16,000, will you invest the money or not?

Many people get greedy and take this expensive plan, after which they do not get any and then a big scam happens to them.

Now here many Youtubers will say that if this kind of company gives money in the beginning then we should invest the money and when we get more money then we should stop investing in it.

My question to them is that if this company is a fraud then what is the guarantee that it will return your money the first time you deposit it? Fraud company has no guarantee whether they will return your money or not.

Conclusion – In my research it has been proved to be a scam company and it is running a Ponzi Scheme by posing as an AI company which is a big scam with the people.

My advice is that you should not invest even a single rupee in this company. In order to earn quick money, you people will get cheated in a big way.

By Akak

Hello, I am the owner of this website. I will try my best to give you correct information through this blog. If you like the articles written by me, you can inform us through email.

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