Nishu deshwal Dead Real or Fake ?

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A video is going viral on social media in which it is being shown that a boy got crushed under a tractor while performing a stunt and died. The name of that boy is said to be Nishu deshwal.

Nishu Deswal also has a YouTube channel in which she has millions of subscribers. Nishu Deswal was fond of doing stunts on tractor since childhood and he used to upload stunt videos on his channel.

Nishu Deswal Dead Real or Fake

Nishu Deswal died after being crushed under the tractor. The video that is going viral on social media is true, although some people say that Nishu Deswal is still alive, but the way it is shown in the video proves that it was very difficult for Nishu Deswal to survive.

You can see yourself in this video how Nishu Deswal came under the tractor while performing a stunt and died. In the video you can see that it is very difficult for anyone to escape from the way the tractor has fallen.

How did Nishu Deswal die?

The biggest reason for Nishu Deswal’s death was the imbalance of the tractor. Nishu had left his home without eating and had told his brother that he would do something big that day.

He had made many stunt videos before his death, but while making the last video, his judgment went wrong and the tractor fell on him. Actually, the wheels of the tractor had sunk into the ground by two feet and Nishu was trying to make the tractor stand straight and was also shooting the video with one hand.

During this time, the wheels of the tractor sank further into the wet ground and the tractor fell on Nishu, due to which he died.

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