Nine eleven app is not real this is fake App ?

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Do you want to know whether Nine eleven app is real or fake? Can you earn money from this app? Does this app really give people money?

Nine eleven app is an app where many plans are given. These are all investment plans. It is being claimed that good returns will be available on taking all the plans.

If you invest Rs 349, you will get Rs 1500 in 30 days. Similarly, if you invest Rs 749, you will get Rs 3000. You earn daily income by investing money.

If you invest Rs 349, you will earn Rs 50 daily and you will continue to receive this money for 30 days. In this way you will earn Rs 1500

This app gives you first Rs 300 and then Rs 99 sign up bonus. To withdraw money you should have Rs 500.

Nine eleven app real or fake

Friends, Nine eleven app is completely fake app and no one can earn money from this app. I have exposed similar apps earlier also. Let me tell you that currently similar apps are running in the market.

Wherever you look on the internet, you will see similar apps and many fake YouTubers are also promoting similar apps. I have already told about the fraud of this type of app in my post.

Actually, Nine eleven app initially transfers money to win people’s trust and when people start trusting them and start investing more money, then this app does not return their money.

Before this, Numgenius AI company was also a trusted company of the people, it was also giving similar investment plans and running Ponzi scheme. When people started investing money in it, that company ran away with everyone’s money.

There is no guarantee of these apps whether they will give you money or not. Many apps do not give even a single penny after investing money and people get scammed.

Think for yourself and see from where this app is giving you money? Is his father Mukesh Ambani who is giving free money to people? After all, how is this app doubling people’s money?

Let me tell you that this type of app does not give any money from itself. Such apps keep sharing each other’s money. After this she stops giving money and then people get scammed.

If any Youtuber is telling you that this app is real then he is completely lying. Let me tell you that like Nine eleven app, there are Numgenius ai, Dika Earning App, Accibis, AGCR1966 App, Heico Earning App and JSW Ventures earning app.

The business plan of all these apps is similar and all these apps are fraud apps. Many of these apps have already run away with people’s money and many more are about to run away with the money.

This app gives you a sign up of Rs 399 to fool you so that you fall into their trap and invest the money. Once you invest the money, there is no guarantee whether your entire money will be recovered or not.

By Akak

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