Mobiteq Pay App is real or fake | Complete Review

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Mobiteq Pay App is in a lot of discussion these days but the question is whether Mobiteq Pay is real or fake? Can money be earned from this?

Mobiteq Pay App is a digital payment app. You can do mobile recharge, bill payment, money transfer with this app. This app is similar to Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon and gives its service like these.

Mobiteq Pay App also provides the facility to earn money, that is, you can also earn money from this app. To earn money from this app, you have to take its prime membership, after which you can earn good money by referring this app.

After taking the prime membership of this app, many extra features are available from which you can earn easily. After becoming a prime member, you can earn 2% commission by recharging others.

Apart from this, if you make a member further and he recharges from this app, then you will get 0.10% commission on his recharge, that too up to 25 levels.

In this you can earn money in 5 ways.

  • referral income
  • Rank & Reward
  • royalty income
  • insurance income
  • passive income

Mobiteq Pay Prime Membership

To take prime membership of Mobiteq Pay, one has to deposit Rs 1,180. After paying Rs 1,180, you become its prime member. After becoming a prime member, you can earn up to 25 levels.

It is very easy to become a Prime Member in Mobiteq. When you create an account in Mobiteq App, then the option of Prime Member will appear, you have to click on that option and make the payment, after that you will become a prime member.

Mobiteq Pay App is real or fake ?

Mobiteq Pay App is a fake App. The purpose of this app is only to collect money from you. When you create an account in this app, it will force you to take their Prime Membership plan.

It is very difficult to use this app. The Prime Membership plan keeps popping up continuously in this app. In today’s time, most of the people know how to recharge mobile by themselves, in such a situation, taking its prime membership is not a profitable deal.

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