Millionaire Track Is Real or fake 2024 : Shocking Truth 😮

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Millionaire Track is an educational platform where many marketing courses are available. Certificates are also given on completion of these courses. Millionaire Track platform is also famous for earning money, many people have also earned money from this platform.

Millionaire Track is an affiliate program where you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing. It gives up to 98% commission to its affiliates. This company is based on B2C business i.e. this company sells its services directly to its customers.

Many people believe that Millionaire Track is a scam. In this post, I am going to tell about the same thing that Millionaire Track Is Real or Fake.

Millionaire Track Company details

Legal NameMillionaire Track Affiliate Program
Business ModelB2C
Founding Date27 October 2021
CEOAhmed Irfan
Contact UsMobile :+918447743784
Hotline :+911143065662

Like Millionaire Track, there are other platforms which are based on this business like LeadsArk, Grow Partner, 25Dollar1Up, LeadsGuru, Millionaire Track, and Bizcrown etc.

All these companies do business of direct selling in the name of affiliate marketing. If we talk about other edtech companies like Udemy, PW, Unacademy, then the focus of these companies is on providing education to the people.

Full details of their courses are given in the website of all these companies like who will conduct which course? How well educated is he? There is also a review and rating of the course, so that other people also understand how beneficial the course is.

If we talk about the courses of Millionaire Track, then they have not given any specific information about their courses, so that no one will be able to understand how beneficial their courses are.

Millionaire Track Affiliate Program

Millionaire Track presents its company as money making company whereas it promotes as edtech company. This Affiliate Program also runs and gives up to 98% commission to its affiliates.

In fact, it is able to give 98% commission on selling the course to its Affiliate only because the value of its course is kept 98 times more than the actual value. Millionaire Track courses are very basic and such courses are available for free on the internet.

Millionaire Track Is Real or fake

Millionaire Track is completely fake company. Millionaire Track is not an edtech platform but a Make money online platform. Its business is very simple “Sell the course at 10 times higher price and give maximum commission”

In this, every person who wants to earn money from its Affiliate Program has to buy its course. Millionaire Track does business of direct selling in the name of Affiliate Marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing Vs Direct Selling

Anyone can do Affiliate Marketing, in this there is no need to buy expensive products of the company. To do Affiliate Marketing, you have to register with the company and sell its products or services.

While in direct selling one has to buy the expensive product of the company even if its price is very low. After this, that product has to be sold to others. Get commission after selling the product.

If you want to earn money by selling courses, then you can become an affiliate of Udemy and PW. There is no need to buy any course to become an affiliate on this platform and you get decent commission too.

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