mahacashback com is real or fake ?

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You must have seen the message of Mahacashback com website on Whatsapp in which it is written about free recharge. Whenever a new event is about to come, messages of free recharge and cashback start coming.

When you click on these messages and then enter your mobile number, you are asked to send the same message to 10 people and you send this message to your friends or group but still you do not get recharge.

Let us know whether Mahacashback com is real or fake? is real or fake

If you search on Google, you do not find any website, that is, website does not exist.

If any website is promising to give free recharge and cashback then that website is completely fake and you have to stay away from such messages. It is not that all the cashback and offer messages coming on your WhatsApp are fake, some messages can also be real.

The best way to identify a fake message is that if a website is asking to forward a message to 10 people, then that website is completely fake. If she had to give a recharge, she could have given it at that time.

When you trust such a message and forward it to 10 people, then like you, other people also send the same message to others. In this way a chain of messages is formed and this fake message goes viral.

Why do people create websites like this?

People create such websites to earn money or collect information. This type of website goes viral rapidly because people like free things more, hence people click on the link and also share it with others.

When you open the website by clicking on the link, ads appear above or below. When you click on them, you earn money. A website has two to three pages. When you enter the mobile number to recharge, a new page opens in which you are asked to share the link with 10 people.

Many people create such websites just as a joke and then people get pranked. You must have understood why people create such websites.

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