50 Best Ludo earning app without investment 2023

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Are you looking for such Ludo game in which you can earn money without investing money? Here I am going to tell you only about 5 Best Ludo earning app without investment.

Many apps are available on the internet to earn money by playing Ludo, in which tournaments are held. In these apps, you have to invest money to earn money by playing tournaments, after that if you win the game, you get more money than the money invested.

If you are looking for an app in which you can play games without investing a single rupee and earn a lot of money, then such apps are not really available on the internet, although there are some apps in which you can earn a lot of money but for more money. you have to invest

Let us know which is that app in which you can earn money without investing a single rupee.

Best Ludo earning app without investment

1. Rush App

  • Signup bonus – 50 Rs
  • Referral Code – Na
  • Min. Withdraw – 25 Rs

Rush is the best app to play Ludo without investment, when you create an account in it, you get a sign up bonus of Rs 50, using which you can play the game.

Apart from Ludo, there are games like Carrom, Call Break, Disc Football, Super Archery etc. In this you can play tournament with 2 rupees and earn money.

There are options like UPI and bank transfer to transfer money.

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2. MPL App

  • Referral Code – N5TB2KEG
  • Signup bonus – 5 Rs Real Cash & Rs 50 Cashback on 1st Deposit
  • Min. Withdraw – 1 Rs

On creating an account using the referral code in this App, you get Rs 5 Real Cash, which can be used to play games. You can also play games like Ludo Game, Card Game, Rummy and Call Break in MPL.

To withdraw money in MPL, KYC has to be completed, you can complete KYC with Aadhaar card or PAN card. You can transfer the money to Paytm, amazon pay, UPI or directly to the bank.

3. Winzo App

  • Referral Code – NA
  • Signup bonus – 50 Rs
  • Min. Withdraw – 3 Rs

Winzo App is the best to earn money by playing games, it has many options to earn money. It is also a best refer and earn money app. In this you can earn money by playing Casual Game, Card Games, Board Games, E Sports Game and fantasy game.

This app is very good for playing Ludo, on creating an account, you get 10 rupees sign up bonus, using which you can play Ludo and earn money.

In this also you can play Ludo by spending 2 or 3 rupees and you can withdraw the won money with the help of bank, UPI, Paytm. There should be a minimum of Rs 3 to withdraw money

4. Skkily Ludo

  • Referral Code – 1674906268916
  • Signup bonus – 10 Rs
  • Min. Withdraw – 30 Rs

This is a board game in which 4 modes have been given to play Ludo. All four modes are very interesting. Generally, there is only one mode in all Ludo, in which the rule of playing Ludo is the same and on the basis of the same rule, tournaments have to be played.

  1. Classic –In this, you play the game like basic Ludo, that is, in the end, the one whose all four pieces go inside will win.
  2. Score Based – In this, Ludo is played on the basis of score i.e. the one who scores more in the end will win.
  3. Rapid – This mode is designed in such a way that the player can win the game quickly. There is a button given in it by which you can bring your favorite number and win the game, however you will be able to use this button only once.
  4. Private – In this mode you can create your own room and play only with your friends. After creating a room, a code is given, the one who knows that code will only be able to go to that room and play Ludo.

There are 4 modes in this, in which there is a difference in the rules of playing Ludo, you can play Ludo in whatever mode you like. 20 sign up bonus on creating an account in Skilly Ludo using the referral code 1674906268916.

5. Zupee App

  • Referral Code – 78XXXCPUNQ
  • Signup bonus – ₹10 Bonus
  • Min. Withdraw – 20 Rs’

You must have heard about this Ludo game. This is a very famous app to earn money by playing Ludo. The Ludo Supreme Gold present in it is a very famous Ludo game. In this, you get ₹ 10 Bonus on creating an account, in which you can spend 9 Rs in direct game.

In this, Ludo tournaments start from 5 rupees, in which you can withdraw the money won through bank or UPI. Must be Rs 20 to withdraw money

Apart from Ludo Supreme Gold, Zupee App also has games like Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, Snakes & Ladders Plus, Carrom Ninja, Trump Cards Mania and Ludo Supreme League.

Last word – So these are the 5 Best Ludo earning app without investment about which I have given complete information. You can earn money by using these apps. If you have any such app in your view, in which you can earn money without any investment, then you can tell through comments.

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