Lucky Step App Real or Fake | Complete Review

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Nowadays, a new type of step counter app is being launched, which claims that along with counting steps, it also gives the facility to earn money. One such app which is fast becoming popular among the people. The name of this app is “Lucky Step”.

Many people have a question whether Lucky Step App is real or fake? Can money be earned from Lucky Step App? Is Lucky Step App a legit app? In this article, we are going to answer these questions, so let’s start.

What is Lucky Step App?

Lucky Step is a step counter app. You can count your steps with this app. This app was earlier giving the facility to earn money, however now this app is not giving the facility to earn money.

If you were thinking of earning money from this app, then now you cannot earn money from it. This app counts daily steps and shows distance, Kcal and time. You can set your own daily goal and achieve your target accordingly.

Not many features have been given in this app. This app is very simple. Earlier, apart from earning money, many features were given in this app, but now only the feature of step count has been given in it.

Lucky Step App Download

You can follow the following steps to download this app on your phone.

Step 1 – Click on the link after which you will be redirected to Google Play Store- Lucky Step

Step 2 – Download this app on your phone by clicking on Install

Step 3 – Lucky Step App will be installed on your phone in a few moments.

Lucky Step App Real or Fake

Now the question is whether Lucky Step App is Real or Fake? Lucky Step App is not yet launched properly on Play Store. This app is still on Delopment Mode, yet it has more than 5 million downloads.

At present, this app is not giving the facility to earn money, so it is a bit difficult to find out whether this app is real or fake, although as far as I have used it, it has worked properly.

That’s why I think Lucky Step App is Real app. Like Lucky Step, there are many apps like Smart Walk, Step Master, Lucky Walk and Walk Club which provide the facility to earn money.

None of these apps are real and you cannot earn money from any of these apps. I have already written a post on Smart Walk and Step Master, so you can read those posts as well.

Conclusion – All the step counter apps which are providing facility to earn money are fake. You may earn money in these apps but you will never be able to withdraw that money.

If you want to earn money then use genuine app. No one can earn money from step counter app, this app is completely fake and wastes people’s time.

By Akak

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