Is Lucky 2048 Real or Fake ? Can I Earn Money From This App ?

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Do you want to know whether Lucky 2048 is a real app or a fake app?

Lucky 2048 is a gaming app in which you get money by playing games. That money looks absolutely real which makes people feel that this app really gives money.

There is also an option to withdraw money in this app which makes people feel that they can withdraw their money. If you also want to know whether Lucky 2048 App is real or fake then read this post completely.

About Lucky 2048

Lucky 2048 is a gaming app in which you can play ping pong. The way to play ping pong is very simple. In the game, any random number ball will fall down from above. If the ball of same number falls then both balls will merge and you will get money.

Suppose ball number 8 falls from above and then ball number 32 falls. After this, if the next ball is of number 32 then this ball has to be dropped on the ball of number 32.

When you drop balls of the same number on each other, those balls merge to become one big ball and you get points. In this, option of Paypal and Amazon is given to withdraw money.

When you have 300 dollars, you can place a withdrawal request.

Lucky 2048 Real or Fake

Lucky 2048 is a Fake Earn Money App. Initially this app gives a good amount of money for playing the game and very soon you complete 100$ but after that it gradually reduces the money given.

There are a lot of ads in this game due to which you face a lot of difficulty in making money. To withdraw money, there should be at least 300$, but it takes a lot of time to earn this 300$ because this app gradually starts giving very less money.

Even if you somehow manage to complete $300, you cannot withdraw that money. This app asks for platform charge for withdrawing money. Even if you pay Rs 300 as platform charge, it asks for more money but does not give you your money.

Think for yourself why any app will give you so much money for playing games. This app itself is earning money by showing advertisements, so why will it give you free money for playing games?

This app is completely fake and no one can earn money by playing games in this app. If someone is telling you that he has earned money from this game then he is completely lying.

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