leawhom technology private limited Review : Real or Fake ?

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For some days, the keyword leawhom technology private limited is being searched on Google. People want to know about this company whether this company is real or fake?

Nowadays many new money making companies are being launched. Most of the companies are fake and loot people’s money by giving them the dream of becoming rich.

I have done a lot of research about leawhom technology private limited but I have not found any specific information about it. As far as I think this company is all about making money.

This company is showing people the dream of earning money, hence people are searching about it on Google to know the truth about this company. If my guess is correct then this post will be very useful for you.

Here I will tell you some such points by which you will be able to recognize any fake company and save yourself from getting scammed.

leasewhom technology private limited real or fake

There can be following reasons for any company being fake

1. Work From Home Job – If any company is offering you Work From Home, Typing Jobs, Data Entry or Captcha Filling Job, then that company may be fake.

2. Demand Money – If any company is asking a lot of money from you in the name of Registration Fees, Joining Fees, Withdrawal Money Fees, then that company is completely fake.

3. Ponzi Scheme – If any company is talking about doubling or tripling the money and is running an investment scheme, then that company is 100% fake company and you should stay away from this type of company.

4. MLM – Nowadays new MLM companies are being launched. Let me tell you that the Government of India has banned pyramid schemes, hence MLM is banned in India. If any company is running MLM scheme with the dream of becoming rich then that company is fake.

5. Scamadvisor – This website is a very good website to check someone’s Trust Score. In this, if the Trust Score of any website is below 50% then that company may be fake.

Friends, I have told 5 points here. If any one of these 5 points is visible in a company then that company will be a fake company.

By Akak

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